See how these Colby students went about deciding where to study off-campus.

Carter Stevens ’13
Studied at IES Berlin
Majors: History and Government
Minor: German
“I was very nervous about the program but it turned out to probably be the best and most different experience I’ve ever had”.
Chelsea Tyler ’13
Studied with Columbia-Penn program in Paris
Major: English
Minor: Cinema
“Nearly every day in Paris was a highlight for me, but there are a few memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life”.
 CTyler By the Seine
Olisa Okoh ’13
Studied at CIEE Ghana in Legon
Majors:  Psychology & African-American Studies
“Take charge of your study abroad experience. Do not depend on your program, American friends, embassies, etc. to dictate what you’re “supposed” to do. ALWAYS step outside of your comfort zone. Forget what your parents taught you and talk to strangers. They’ll teach you the most”.
Sally Holmes ’13
Studied with SIT Tanzania: Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management
Major: Environmental Studies Policy Concentration
Minor: Philosphy
“It was a crazy feeling to wake up every morning and not be able to imagine what would happen that day, but know that it would probably be something completely ridiculous”.
Lindley Wells ’13
Studied with SIT Australia: Sustainability and Environmental Action
Major: Environmental Studies – Policy Concentration
“The independent study period really forced me to think about where I hope to get in my life and what type of work I want to get into, those five weeks were life-changing, so being given the opportunity to discuss it was amazing”.
Chelsea Ammons ’13
Studied with Duke in the Andes (Ecuador)
Majors: Spanish & Psychology
“The language barrier was difficult at first, and many times it was frustrating not being able to effectively communicate with anyone. But, as time went on, speaking in Spanish became much easier, and I have retained a great deal of the language after returning, which is really impressive”.
Kelsey Naruse ’13
Studied at DIS (Denmark)
Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry & Anthropology
“In Denmark and the greater majority of Western Europe, many individuals rely on public transportation and bicycles as their main modes or transportation because gas prices, cars, and parking fees are expensive luxuries.  I believe it to be a more economically efficient and healthier alternative to driving”.
K Naruse
Sarah Lyon ’13
Studied at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) through IFSA-Butler
Major: Sociology
“As much as I like being at Colby, it was refreshing being somewhere new for awhile”.
Shany Tropper ’13
Studied with the SUNY New Paltz program in Brazil
Majors: Global Studies & Economics
Portuguese is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the most useful languages to learn. Brazil is an emerging market with growing economic and political influence.
Rebecca Levenson ’13
Studied on the Wellesley in Aix program and the Columbia-Penn in Paris program
Majors: Psychology and French
By moving out of my house I was able to understand my capability of actually living on my own. By traveling I was able to experience something new in the world. By moving to a new place I was able to get a fresh start to a brand new semester in the city of dreams. By going home, I was able to understand how studying abroad had changed me into a better, stronger person.
Levenson 2
Matt Mantikas ’13
Studied with CIEE in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Major: Economics
Minor: Administrative Science
I will never forget the great friendships made with my professors and host padre, Carlos and the weekend trips around Europe were definitely a once in a lifetime experience, but I will always remember the small moments, like watching the sun rise over the mountains in Sóller, or running on the beach overlooking the yacht filled port and cathedral. I’ll remember sprinting through airports, and countless sleepless nights, but in the end, I’ll remember an experience that I made the most of. 
M.Mantikas IMG_1784
Charlotte Wiesenberg ’13
Studies on the NYU Tel Aviv program
Major: History
Minor: Jewish Studies
The Israeli way of life, living in the moment, really touched me. I have a better understanding of how precious life can be, but how important it is to get out there and enjoy it.
Amanda Lavigueur ’13
Studied at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) through IFSA-Butler
Majors: Econ-Math and Environmental Studies: Policy
Realize that you may not fit well into the academic system in the UK (or wherever you go), especially coming from a small US liberal arts school with lots of individual attention. Accept this because it will not overshadow your experience.
Lindsay Alston ’13
Studied with IES in Siena
Major: English
Minors: Philosophy & ItalianTry everything: new food, visit a new place, speak the county’s language.  Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone because some of those experiences are the most rewarding.