Transfer of credit for JanPlan and Summer experiences as well as credit from other domestic institutions can be completed through the Registrar’s office. Students seeking advising for Summer programs are encouraged to visit OCS or book an appointment on line.

Summer Off-Campus Study

Transfer of credit for summer off-campus study or leave to study at another U.S. college/university during the summer or academic year must be approved in advance through the Registrar’s office using the Transfer of Credits Form available on the Registrar’s webpage under “forms for students”.  If your summer off-campus program requires an approval signature from a study abroad advisor or home school approval, please bring that form to OCS along with your completed Transfer of credits form.

OCS staff is eager to assist students with advising on opportunities summer international study, and we recommend starting the search among the many off-campus opportunities Colby approves for the semester and/or year. Many of our approved providers for semester programs also offer quality summer programs worldwide. You may also search,, or to identify opportunities worldwide. Please book an appointment if you are not sure how to begin.


Study at Another U.S. College/University

With the exception of Colby’s approved Off Campus programs, no other domestic or international study is approved by the OCS. Students wishing to take classes at another U.S. institution may do so independently. Students must discuss their plans with their Advising Dean and seek course approval in advance using the Transfer of Credits Form available on the Registrar’s webpage under “forms for students”.