Welcome Back

We hope that your semester or year off-campus was both rewarding and challenging. While studying and living away, you may have had a journey of self-discovery, gained new life skills and broadened your horizons. In returning home, you may have discovered a new academic path and find yourself with a new outlook on life in general. Many resources at Colby, including Off-Campus Study staff, your academic advisors and advising deans are happy to assist you in reassessing your academic interests and helping with campus re-engagement.

While many of us anticipate uneasy feelings of cultural adjustment when living in a new country for the first time, we don’t always realize that similar feelings can be felt upon returning home. Although often unexpected, “reverse culture shock” is completely normal. Please browse through some of the resources below for some great coping skills.

Returning Home


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Do you believe there is a difference between taking a picture and taking a photo? We encourage you to take part in our annual Global Image Photo Contest and submit photos that capture the people and places that contributed to your unique experience abroad.