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Colby Around The World: Student Perspectives is an opportunity for you to share your international experience with Colby. Through a variety of creative media, reflect on and express what the experience means to you and how it has impacted you personally, academically, linguistically, and/or professionally.

The first Colby Around The World: Student Perspectives will take place on Thursday, April 30, 2015 (“CLAS day”) from 5 to 7pm in Pulver Pavilion.

If you have had a significant international experience or are an international student studying here, we invite you to share your experience during this year’s Colby Liberal Arts Symposium.

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What are the goals of Colby Around The World: Student Perspectives?

The goals of are to:

  • Celebrate the benefits and outcomes of international education
  • Reflect on and express how the experience has affected them personally, academically, linguistically, and professionally
  • Inspire and educate others who may be considering study abroad

Who should participate?

  •  Did you study, intern, or volunteer abroad (for a semester, year, Jan Plan, summer, or even a high school exchange)?
  • Are you an international student studying here?
  • Did you grow up in another country?
  • Did you do a gap year abroad or start college abroad (as FSA or enrolled in a foreign university)?

You may participate as an individual or as a team.

Why you should participate?

Here are a few great reasons why you should get involved:

  • Take a moment to reflect on your international learning experience
  • Share your stories and inspire others to plan theirs
  • Express the impact your experience has had on you
  • Gain greater self awareness
  • Encourage others to have the transformative experience abroad that you had
  • Make new friends and have fun!

How do you get involved? 

  1. Register by Monday, April 20, 2015 including a brief description of your proposed submission for display
  2. Prepare your exhibit. Poster printing deadline is also Monday, April 20.
  3. Set up your exhibit in Pulver by 4:30 pm on Thursday, April 30, 2015


Online Registration (Required)

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 Tips for developing your exhibit or display

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