Did you know that the Colby Outing Club was founded in 1914?


Anyways, here’s what we did this weekend:

  • Sam and Michael and Soren and others went up Mount Phillip this Saturday. IT. WAS. WINDY.
  • Soren and Maddy went to Blue Hill, but the most important part of this story is that they visted Grandma Soren and she MADE DOPE HOT CHOCOLATE AND GOT THEM A 4 FOOT LONG SANDWICH. (I wonder if this is the same Grandmother who knitted Soren a scarf in Colby’s official school colors of Colby Blue and Priscilla Gray).
  • Caroline, Logan, Sam and others snowshoed up and down Saddleback. The adjective that best described conditions on this trip was “crusty”.
  • Lilli “Life Alert” Garza and Parky Park took a funky bunch to the Hidden Valley Nature Center (no relation to the salad dressing). They snuggled in sleeping bags and had two fun days of adventure.
  • Julia (me!) and Hannah and Max and others woke up EARLY this morning to watch the sunrise from French Mountain. After this long and strenuous endeavor we all ate our body’s weight in Early Bird food.
  • Carter and others went Nordic skiing (one of Colby’s 32 varsity sports teams) this weekend, conditions were chilly. Gavin from Dartmouth won, but what matters most is that Colby looked the best.
  • Fun fact: Colby is the 12th-oldest private liberal arts college in the country, and was founded in 1813 as the Maine Literary and Theological Institution


Next Week:

  • SGA wants us to lead a Sunrise hike that ends on Miller steps for Doghead (fun fact: Colby’s campus has only been on Mayflower Hill since 1952)
  • Max wants to lead another XC skiing clinic at Quarry Road
  • Roll Clinics will begin tomorrow (Monday) from 6-8


Dialogue Trips and Green is Not White 2.0:

  • facilitated discussion about privilege in the outdoors + Maine Huts and Trails lunch + hiking = the perfect weekend (aka Dialogue trips)
  • Green is Not White part deux will take place on April 15th at the Maine Lakes Resource Center…keep your eyes pealed for more info about this
  • (cool tid bit: Mary Caffrey Low Carver was the first female graduate of Colby College)



  • so…we have a new waiver
  • you can find them printed out in the office in a bin that says “Blank Waivers”
  • don’t use the waiver that’s online (that’s the old waiver)
  • did you know David Greene is Colby’s 20th president?



  • Gear:
    • we got 10 new pairs of microspikes
    • if you want gear for spring break there will be a gear request form going out soon
  • Trips:
    • Ryan has WFA dates, we don’t have WFA dates, hopefully we will soon have WFA dates
    • There will be a Leader Training Trip going out at the very end of this year
    • Sam and Brittany weren’t here to pass on this info because they were deliberating for COOT (which btw was started in 1975)
  • Sugaring:
    • Sugaring is partnering with other clubs on campus to do a sugaring open house so peeps can learn all about how we make syrup right here on Colby’s 714 acre campus
    • Email Ryan Clemens if you want to be added to this list
  • Events:
    • Jared sent in a platform to be the new events chair!!!



  • fact the first, Colby College used to be called Waterville College
  • fact the second, Colby College also used to be called Colby University
  • fact the third, the COLBY OUTING CLUB HAS A DOPE INSTAGRAM (send us your pictures if you want us to post them)



  • there is ice lurking EVERYWHERE
  • wear yer microspikes and snowshoes kiddos
  • this has been a PSA
  • Colby’s first female varsity sport was Basketball…this has been another PSA



Ok, you’ve now read all of the minutes and you may be wondering “why all the Colby fun facts?” WELL LET’S JUST SAY THAT OUR GOOD ALUMNI FRIEND, BYRD, AND OUR GURL, SOPHIE, LED US TO COLBY TRIVIA GLORY ON FRIDAY NIGHT. It. was. exhilarating.


Lux Mentis nuditas Scientia,