What we did!

  • Joseph led the CMS hike to French Mountain and went on the Zipper 5 times at the Carnival.
  • Molly went swimming at the Cabin, it took a long time to dunk but she did it! (just like she always does!)
  • James also went swimming at the Cabin party.
  • Alice and Ming led a trip to the Bigelows today and made it to the west peak! What a fun way to conclude Alice and Ming’s COC trip leading legacy. 


What we want to do!

  • Study for finals!
  • No trips 


BUT…next year

  • Canoeing
  • Overnight trips (reach out to K-Council about leading Katahdin trips)
  • Think about complicated trips ahead of time (Ocean kayaking, Fall Break Trips, all sorts of fun things to look forward to!)



  • T-shirt tabling
    • They will be 10 dollars in the spa this week! (They are yellow and blue!)
    • 11-2 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in the Spa!
    • We will also be giving out stickers, so stop by even if you don’t want a shirt.
  • Leader Swag
    • If you have led two trips and not gotten your leader swag, come to Office Hours this week and grab your swag.


Bigelow Buddies

  • We are still looking for a Cabin Bigelow Buddy!
  • Graduating Seniors, please let the future buddy in your position know how to contact you, if they have any questions!
  • Alexis is taking on the instagram!


Photo Contest

  • We had over 30 participants
  • Lacey will send out the winner


Hot Seat (Leader and Senior Edition)



  • Winter
  • Sea otter
  • Third
  • That one
  • Lemonade and soda water
  • Katahdin Trip, freshman year
  • Green
  • Open-toed shoes
  • Water
  • A Lighthouse



  • Salt Water
  • Salt water covered hair, crusty?
  • Foss (not this year)
  • Baked goods
  • Hot day, 65 
  • Hobbit Feet
  • The observatory
  • Orange thing
  • Of course!

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Stripes
  • Mary Low
  • Heights
  • Mary Low, because of the COC office
  • Katahdin
  • Intro Psych
  • Environmental Humanities with Chris Walker
  • Good Mac and Cheese
  • Mud with bare feet

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Hit her tail bone
  • Everything
  • Van
  • Marine Mammal
  • Davis
  • Pigeon
  • No worst bird
  • Jams
  • Trips 
  • Snow Pants
  • Devil Fork

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Katahdin
  • Spoon
  • Araucana
  • Rat
  • My apartment
  • Skis (cross country)
  • Burnt orange ottoman
  • Didn’t check the weather, learned that 30 degrees needs more than shorts as on your bottom
  • White Pie
  • Heights
  • Vacuuming
  • Beer

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Ghost painting, I bought from goodwill
  • Heights
  • Keyes
  • Soft, after blow drying hair
  • Civil war sword
  • No Fork
  • Black leggins, a pair of vans, and a revolving cast of different t-shirts
  • Miller to all the dorms
  • Barefoot in grass
  • The one with the turkey on it
  • No shoes
  • Ocean

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Getting lost with Ming
  • Too difficult to answer
  • Feel your food being digested
  • Devil fork
  • Van
  • 100, well 50 dollars
  • Tree pole
  • Free, but you have to listen to me
  • Cross county
  • Root Beer
  • Was Foss, now Bobs
  • On top of Diamond
  • I like the devil’s fork, the devil’s trident!
  • Lakes
  • Chairman of the Board

Awaiting the wisdom



  • Travellers mountains in Baxter State Park
  • Heights
  • Spider Plant
  • Water Bottle filling station
  • Green
  • Drown as a witch
  • Left
  • Tree pole
  • No footwear
  • Neither
  • The pond
  • First floor of Keyes
  • Puff pants


Pole Poll:

This: 2

That: 4

Tree: 11


Senior Wisdom:

  • Taryn: write things down
  • Lily: put yourself out there as soon as possible 
  • Caroline: wash your socks before wearing them
  • Bentley: wait to wear sandals in the arb until all the snow is gone
  • Grace: go to the writing center
  • Alice: be in the present
  • Jack: don’t wait too long, do things while you can

From the wall: “There is always time”


(guest written by Lacey once again!)
What we done did
 Lindsey did her co-lead Tumbledown
o Weather: nice in Waterville
o Weather: not that windy  did not prepare with gear
o Lots of stream crossings
o Very high wind
o Made it to lake but did not summit
 Popham beach
o Very high winds and sunny day
o Park ranger told people to get off rock and they had to walk back in the tide
o Bentley reflected on past mistakes
 Margret saw new family dog
 Joseph and James went to messalonske
o Beautiful but very tick-y
o Be careful its going to be a big tick year
 Joseph and James got their COVID vaccine and got some serious fever chills
 Vida got chased by a dog while biking
 Bentley went to Beech Hill Preserve with ASA and only had one tripper
o Went to Rockport harbor and had ramen
 Lindsey and Alexis sat in the sun

What we going to do
 Joseph wanted to hike
 Colby Muslim Society wants to go out at May 7 th with Eniola is

 We need drivers to return 4 cars
o Got four woohoo!
 Stickers and Leader Swag soon!
 T-shirts next Tuesday need to coordinate tabling in the Spa

 James and Izzy are new gear heads
 Hannah sugaring
 Kayla and Rob are new DEI

 Openings for Trips, Cabins, and Events
 Sloane: Events
o More involved outside and at Colby
o Ideas: build COC presence at Colby, bridge the gap, collaborate with other clubs,
environmental justice, movie nights, jeopardy, kahoot

 Jordyn Kim: Events
o Fostering relationships, planning fun activities, highly involved in Pugh,
 Clara Lehv: Trips
Hot Seat: Lindsey
 Fish with hair
 Maple syrup
 How to not pick at cuticles
 Sandwich: pita, rehydrated hummus, spigot

Bigelow Buddies
 Cabin updates
 Photo contest
Poll: is it weirder to get monicole or glasses
Monicole: 6
Glasses: 4

Warm Fuzzies
 Weather
 Vaccines
 Old man’s farm
 Bigelow buddies
 Sunny weather
 Cats
 Cats again
 Successful semester
 Staying on campus for summer
 Blooming trees
 Allegery medicine
 Fluffy dog- husky

(Guest written by Lacey, future outing club president)


What we done did

  • Margaret watched Colby women’s rugby: beat bowdoin
  • Grace finished sugaring and got 2 gallons
  • Taryn read in the sun and got burnt
  • Lacey went swimming that’s crazy
  • Woodsmen had a good time was had by all Colby won
  • Bentley went to mountain and fog island, mountain more foggy than island
  • Alice and Clara went to Mt Philip
  • Jack and Alice northern Sankhaze wildlife refuge, got a bit lost, saw frog eggs


What we gonna do

  • Only two weekends left: horrifying
  • Bentley and Taryn had large, scared eyes
  • Lots of finals panic
  • Joseph and James Messaonske stream Friday!
  • Taryn and Lacey Trip to Ocean with Alexis driving on Saturday
  • Tumbledown?
  • Swan Island hike for the future? Opens may.
  • Lots of interest for Co-leads still so look around


Potential secondary elections next week for holes

James: Gear

  • Recently became leader
  • Wants to give back to the club
  • No such thing as bad weather only insufficient gear
  • Long term efficiency and repairs

Izzy: Gear

  • Broadening community
  • Clinics!! Independence with gear
  • Collab with iBikes

Kayla: DEI

  • Current co-head of gear
  • COC has huge capacity and responsibility to influence the community

Rob: DEI

  • Outdoors as place of solace
  • Increasing collaboration with other groups on campus

Hanna: Sugaring

  • Very involved in this year’s sugaring
  • Advertising it to the general student body
  • Awareness and accessibility

Still have 2 trips positions, 1 events positions, and cabin left! Please contact

coc@colby.edu if you would like to become more involved in the outing club!


T-shirts are being ordered tonight

Stickers have been ordered

Leader swag deadline May 9th

End of year gathering at cabin May 7 th afternoon

Bigelow Buddies

Margaret: Ryan needs to come pick up sleeping bags for COOT

  • New gear being ordered: stoves! New filter for the vacuum? Tents when

aluminum storage ends. Ski goggles! XC ski boots!

  • Need to email Outdoor Research for free gear… poster children for Instagram

Alexis: Sugaring is done

Joseph: Cabin exists and everyone wants to rent it and we will get

Lacey: Day Scott was a success! And Stories from the Earth wasn’t but she got a bunch

of art kits for them and handed them out. There was exactly the same amount as number

of meeting attendees. Everyone was very excited


Poll: How would they know they would or they wouldn’t

They would 6

They wouldn’t 4


Warm Fuzzies

Beautiful day




Pileated woodpecker

Small white tailed squirrel

Loud birds at night


Spring peepers

Barred owl

Little bit of snow

Spring on campus



Extra announcement:

iClub is going to Camden hills and needs trip leaders and don’t have to do any planning

for it. This weekend

Messalonskee civic engagement alfond youth center. Regular outdoor activities 45 min

formalized outdoor outreach club for kids in Waterville getting volunteers because they

need a fingerprint and background. Finally! After so long.



*Margaret saw the most spectacular pileated woodpecker coming back from the athletic center (which is why she was late!)

*Lacey went to West Fork, it was quite a ways up north!

*Molly went on a run in Belfast (lots of ocean, lots of dogs and lots of old people)

*Joseph went hiking at the Maine huts and Trails, from Stratton Brook Hut to Poplar Hut! 

*Bentley went to Acadia on thursday

*Chris went up Bald Mountain (it was a very steep 1 mile hike)



*Bentley might be going to Fogg Island, sunday!



*Day Scott, 7 pm on Tuesday

*Stories from the Earth, open mic time, friday! (lacey is still looking for submissions)

*Bigelow Buddy positions are due on Sunday!



  • Taryn went to the head of the falls park and had a picnic.
  • Bentely went to a cool trail called Fogg Island!
  • James and Joseph went for a run and their legs are sore.
  • Lacey went for a picnic, and saw a tick!



  • Lacey wants to go to a wildlife refuge.
  • If you were planning on doing a trip last weekend, but had the trip cancelled, you can make it for this weekend!
  • Jack and Molly want to lead a canoe trip!



  • Alexis McCauley-Pearl is our new treasurer!
  • Secretary and miscellaneous position will be filled this week
    • Margaret, secretary
    • Izzy, secretary
    • Molly, miscellaneous k-council



  • Please vote on one of the two designs that Bentley sent out!


Bigelow Buddies



  • Tentstravaganza happening over break!


  • leader swag, keep your eyes peeled for more information.
  • WFA is happening, you already know if you have signed up for it!


  • Open mic for poetry, science, and/or history tributes to the earth! for earth week!
  • End of the year cabin event in early May.


  • The outdoor boiling is complete! Indoor boiling will start at some point.


  • The cabin exists as per usual for such an event.




Candy Cane or Candy Corn?

7 to 3


What we done did

  • Joseph just went on a 20 mile bike ride in the wind and went to roundtop last weekend and both were beautiful.
  • James was out boiling sap this morning for 3 hours, maple syrup is coming soon!
  • Lindsey went to a lot of outdoor frisbee practice this week and had some really chilly toes.
  • Abby went to Portland to walk along the prom, there were lots of dogs and a horse walking around and playing in the water.
  • Molly biked here and Alice ran here, it was very windy.


What we gon do

  • Jack and Alice are going to lead a trip to Sunkhaze for Photography Club 
  • Alice and Lindsey are going to tumbledown on Saturday
  • Claire and Joseph are going to go to Messalonskee stream on Saturday morning.
  • James wants to lead a trip to Swan Island (a wildlife management area with a wildlife area). 
    • This will probably happen over break
  • Joseph is leading a trip with the Colby Muslim Society to French Mountain on Friday.


Election Results

  • Joseph and Lacey will be the next presidents! WOOHOOOOOO
    • Congratulate them if you see them around!


Mör Elections

an outline of our election timeline for future leadership in the COC:

April 11: Platforms for Secretary and ~ Miscellaneous K-Council Position ~ due (get them into coc@colby.edu by roughly 4:00 pm on Sunday the 28th) 

Bigelow Buddies and Camden Comrades platforms will be due at some point after K-council is selected, think mid-April.

If you have any questions about the positions, feel free to reach out to current k-council members (Presidents: trwait21@colby.edu and bmmeye21@colby.edu, Secretary: megard22@colby.edu, Treasurer: xzhang21@colby.edu, ½ secretary and ½ treasurer: almcca23@colby.edu

again for your reference: Position Descriptions


Break Trips?

  • Swan Island (James)
  • Popham Beach (Taryn)
  • Ryan is running trips with international students (let him know if you are interested in helping out!)
  • Canoeing (Joseph, Jack, Ryan, and Molly)
  • Gear Room Clean out (Tent ExtravaganzA!)



  • This will be happening the Thursday (15th) and Friday (16th) of break, if you signed up, Bentley will email you soon!


Bigelow Buddies


  • Snow Pants arrived in two odd sized boxes
  • Tent setting up party over break, please join us!


  • Profiles are being sent out soon (this will help leaders keep track of what they have left to do in the leader training process)
  • Everyone should now be able to post trips if you are a leader
  • Only leaders that have led 2 trips will get leader swag!


  • Half the sap has been boiled!


  • 4/20/21, Day Scott will be joining us on Zoom: it will be a talk and a Q&A!


  • It still exists.


T-shirt Designs! (and stickers)

  • Submit your artistry by Wednesday evening!



  • Poached Egg Sandwich: 2
  • Quiche: 12


  • Done Outside:


    • Taryn sat in the sun on Monday and on tuesday she remembered sunscreen! 
      • Yay for protecting our skin!
    • Joseph and James hiked up Maiden Cliffs this morning and it was like hiking through a cloud.
    • Annie went to Sunday River and skied around dirt, rocks, pools of water.
    • Lindsey sat in the sun and got a Farmers tan on only one side of her body, also her parents came up and walked around Boothbay
    • Giftlin walked up Mt Phillips and then back down in the dark! (Bentley was also there, leading).
    • Alice walked downtown from campus a couple times this week.



  • Going to do Outside:


    • Ming and Annie are working on a Moose safari (no moose guaranteed), but an early morning trip to a swamp will be fun regardless.
    • Angie and Joseph are going to lead something, sometime, probably this week.
    • We have some leaders in training that are looking for co-leads, if you are a leader please reach out/respond to the co-lead requests in the leader group chat.
    • Popham Beach Trip seems to be on the horizon with Taryn and Lacey.
    • Canoeing on the Messalonskee Stream will happen sometime this spring.



  • T-shirt Design Contest:


      • Calling all artists, designers, friends of talented folks, we need a new T-shirt for the outing club! 


  • Elections: (Co-Presidents)


    • Joseph Savage and Lacey Wright, we need two, so now it’s your turn to vote!
    • Next week, the platforms for treasurer will be due by the 5 pm meeting next Sunday.
    • Secretary the following week, Bigelow Buddies in two weeks.
  • Hot Seat
    • James Lane
      • Liquid gold
      • Blackberries
      • Davis Connects Basement Bathroom
      • Soft grass barefoot
      • Buzzcut
      • Fish with wig
      • That one
      • That poll with the turkey
      • Great balance
    • Annie Muller
      • Moose
      • Sea Turtle
      • Foss
      • Bigelows
      • Cormorant (both bird and fish)
      • Arnold Palmer
      • Woodman ground floor
      • Skiing
      • Right hand
      • Katahdin (freshman year)
      • Ice
    • Yay, we now have 2 more leaders, so if you see Annie of James congratulate them!
    • Lead 2 trips and you get leader swag (tbd what this might be, but it should be fun!)
      • A co-lead counts for one of the trips, so all you have to do is lead one more!
      • Trip leader profiles will be coming out soon, to help you keep track of where you are in the leader training process.
  • Trips:
    • Lead Trips, lead 2 more trips → it’s nice out go and hike, run, walk, etc.
  • Gear:
    • Tent Extravaganza coming over April Break
    • New gear is en route to Colby College
  • DEI/Events
    • April 17th, Day Scott will be coming to speak to the outing club
    • Photography club still wants to collaborate for an event/trip
  • Sugaring
    • The trees are dripping
  • Cabin exists, but is still closed


Poll: lunch while you are hiking

Granola bar lunch: 2 🍫🍫

Sandwich Lunch: 11🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪


What we did outside:

  • Joseph biked from downtown up to campus!
  • James and some friends climbed French Mountain after the doghead festivities.
  • Alice and Joseph led a trip to French Mountain on Friday before doghead.
  • Taryn walked to campus from downtown.
  • Jack and Chris climbed trees around Diamond last week!
  • Caroline went for a walk in the Arb on Tuesday and was wearing shorts.
    • The Arb is chilly and still snowy, be aware sandals may not be the best choice!
  • Grace watched the sunrise yesterday and it was pretty.
  • Alice ran as fast as she could to make it to the meeting on campus on time, and she made it!


What we want to do outside:

  • Joseph would like to lead a hike this week.
  • Lacey would be interested in leading a sunrise hike to enjoy the sun, for many hours after the sun comes up, not only the hours before the sun emerged!
    • Bentley and Caroline would like to as well!
  • Jack and Alicie will lead a trip sometime soon.  



  • Presidential Platforms will be read at our next Sunday Meeting.
    • Get your platform to me (megard22@colby.edu) by next Sunday at 5 pm! (and show up to the meeting in order to read your own platform.)
  • Treasurer, Secretary, Bigelow Buddies, and Camden Comrades election dates will all go out in the email along with the information!


T-shirt sticker designs!

  • Help the Outing Club design a new T-shirt and sticker to be sold this spring! Designs can be up to 2 colors and should be submitted to coc@colby.edu by March 28, so that we can vote on them and have time to make the T-shirt!



  • This will be happening over the first two days of our April break, sign-ups are still open, so sign-up.


Bigelow Buddy Updates

  • Gear is open and ready to be checked out and returned if you have it still.
    • We are getting more snow pants and snow boots!
  • Trips are happening
    • If you would like a leader profile and went on the LTT, Jack will get them to you soon!
  • Sugar trees are running with Sap
  • Cabin is closed
  • We have an upcoming DEI speaker event with Day Scott, a black ornithologist!
    • We are also looking to organize ongoing talks with the NESCAC schools, so we can pool resources and get more speakers for all NESCAC outing clubs.


Do you like your spring rolls:

Fresh: 4

Fried: 9


What we did!

  • Bentley went to frisbee practice and it was really windy.
  • Last weekend, Taryn and Alice led a trip to Rumford Whitecap and James was there. It was warm and sunny and the trail was all packed down, so microspikes were perfect.
  • A bunch of future leaders and current leaders went to Sanders Hill on Monday.  A wildly successful LTT!
  • Margaret can now run on her new ACL, so she went for a nice 10 minute run outside.
  • Molly also went for a run and was happy to be able to wear shorts!
  • Lacey went on such a nice walk today at Reid State Park with Joseph and Lucas. And it snowed a little bit on them.
  • Alice went on a nice little walk at the head of the falls park and saw some birds!


What are we gonna do?

  • Joseph is thinking about leading a quick pre-doghead trip on Friday!
  • Email Bentley to be added to the leader group chat, if you have not already done so!


T-shirt Design Contest

  • Soon we will be having a contest to design a new t-shirt for our club, so start thinking about designs (2 colors max for t-shirts, more colors possible for stickers)


Wilderness First Aid (WFA)

  • Thursday and Friday of the April break, if you want to become a COC leader this is a critical step!



  • Elections will be coming soon! 
    • Information was sent out last week, but more will also be included in the email this week with more specific dates.
    • The elections will be staggered so you can run for multiple offices, if you don’t get the first one you run for.
  • We also have a camden comrade make-your-own position! (whatever you are interested in, think food, first aid kits, stoves, tents, coc movie nights, etc.) These are simply emailed to the incoming K-council members and you get the position!



  • Trips: LTT participants are getting an email about finishing the leader training process soon.
  • Gear: is being rented and we are looking to find a use for some of our sleeping bags! We are also hoping to get new snow pants in the next couple of weeks.
  • Events: in the process of working with other NESCACs to coordinate a speaker.
  • DEI: no new updates!
  • Sugar: it’s happening and “makes you feel authentically maine.” – margaret staller
  • Cabin: still closed, but end of the year event may still be able to happen outside the cabin!


Poll: Welch’s or Mott’s for Fruit Snacks


Mott’s: 8

Welch’s: 3


What we did

  • Molly went on the Lost Valley Ski Trip, it was incredible!
    • Molly also went to Quarry Road nordic skiing and had a great time.
  • Taryn walked to campus from downtown; the paths were slushy even though it is quite nice out!
  • Aiden has been walking around campus and enjoying it.
  • Bentley played frisbee outside!
  • Grace went to Sugarloaf yesterday, but the lifts were all on wind hold.
  • Annie and Alice also went to Lost Valley and saw each other and Molly.
  • Jack and Joseph are still on their trip at Mount Abraham, they will be back soon.

What are we gonna do!

  • Taryn and Alice were thinking about leading a trip next weekend, destination TBD?
  • Leader Training Trip, LTT, woohoo
  • Molly and Margaret will lead a trip to French Mountain Fall 2021, everyone get ready
  • Grace and Alice over break will lead a trip!

Bigelow Buddies

  • Events
    • Harvard Outing Club (HOC) is hosting an event about women in the outdoors from 8-9 pm on Monday night.
    • Night of 1.2K glowsticks, we are hoping to host something soon since night of 1K glowsticks was so much fun!
      • If you have any ideas let us know!
    • Protect Our Winters local New England Alliance event on Wednesday at 8 pm!
  • Gear
    • Lots of gear was borrowed from us for the Lost Valley Ski trip and we cannot wait to get it back Monday-Thursday 7-8 pm or Friday morning!
  • Trips
    • LTT
    • Winter trip leading skills
    • Trips over break, let’s lead some!
  • Sugaring
    • We are in full on tapping mode!
  • DEI
    • NESCAC speaker project about inclusion, diversity, and equity in the outdoors.
    • Lives of Purpose wants to go on a trip with the COC
  • Cabin
    • Still closed!
  • No other updates!




40 degrees and slushy: 1

20 below and snowy: 7