The Colby Outing Club is an entirely student-run organization.

We dedicate our time because we love the outdoors and we want to share that love.

 The Katahdin Council

The noble governing body.

Bentley Meyer ’21


Interests: Hiking, Stars & Such, Snowshoeing, Skiing, Swimming, Sledding, Frisbee,  Campfires & the Affiliated Games

Hello, I am from Concord, Massachusetts and I enjoy trees and mountains and hiking and skiing and snowshoes and I think rocks are pretty neat and I can really appreciate a good run-on sentence, especially when it’s being used as filler because I can’t actually type and I’m just pretending, and I hope y’all join me on my trips because large groups reduce the risk of goose attacks and this seems like a good space to stop so goodbye.

Taryn Waite ’21


Interests: walking in the woods,  napping in the woods, fire, bouncy castles, cats
Hello!! I’m Taryn and I’m from Massachusetts. My ultimate goal is to divert a large chunk of the gear budget to the purchase of a bouncy castle, but in the meantime, I can be found exploring Maine, looking at cats on PetFinder, planning future long walks in the woods, and exploring my love-hate relationship with math.

Alice Zhang ’21


Interests: Backpacking, day hike, skiing, things related to water, daydreaming, snowshoeing

Hello! I’m Alice (Xiaoge) Zhang. I’m from somewhere in China (not the China in Maine). I like sitting at the top of a mountain and just staring at the view. Go on hikes with me!



Molly Gardner ’22


Interests: Backpacking, Canoeing, Day Hiking, Swimming, Skiing (Nordic and Tele)

Hi everyone! I come from the great state of Minnesota, so I love lakes! I also enjoy hugging trees, eating snow, and hiking in skirts. While here in Maine, I try to go up French Mountain as many times as I can and eat even more pancakes. I hope you come on a hike with me sometime!

Bigelow Buddies

The passionate organizing body.


Joseph Savage ’22

Cabin Bigelow Buddy




Lacey Wright ’22

Events Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Hiking, Swimming, Beaching, Observing

Hey all! I’m from Washington state where the ground is wetter and the canopy is thicker. I adore estuaries and tideflats and am always down for a dip… even if it’s very cold. I enjoy reading history books in my free time which is weird but very fun. Come hang with the club at our events I promise you’ll have some laughs


image.pngAbby Recko ’22

Events Bigelow Buddy

Interests: knitting, trying new foods (today I had pasta with a sauce made of cashews!), all cats and dogs but especially my cats (they are fiends), listening to music (I’m more proud of my spotify playlists than I’d like to admit; if you have any favorite artists please let me know!), flying kites

hey what’s up hello I’m from stow massachusetts (it is not vermont) In my free time I like to lie around on the lawn in front of Miller or Dana, read, bother my roommates, and talk about my dreams of someday rolling down the many little hills on Miller lawn in one glorious prolonged log roll. i am seeking collaborators on this project, so feel free to send a resume and cover letter my way

Jordyn Kim ’22

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Stargazing, dog sitting, day hiking, backpacking, bubble tea drinking, Animal Crossing

Hello! I am Jordyn, and I am from Glenview, IL, just 1000 miles outside of Boston! In my free time, when I am not drowning in homework and midterms, you can find me eating Mirakuya in front of Mary Low.


Grace Horne ’21

Sugaring Bigelow Buddy





Jack Indritz ’21

Trips Bigelow Buddy






Grace Neumiller ’21

Trips Bigelow Buddy

Interests: swimming, NORDIC!!!, biking, hiking, snow-showing, canoeing, camping, splorin’, mocking, beachin, sledding, s’mores, shenanigans

Heyyyyooo! I hail from the good ol’ state of Minnesota— land of 10,000 lakes, you betcha’s, dontcha knows, & frigid frickin’ winters. To survive 6 months of temps below freezing a year growing up, I’ve learned to embrace the rugged and GET OUTSIDE! I’ve long been a fan of XC skiing on MN’s lakes in the winter & swimming in them the rest of the year, but now I’m loving dipping my toes in Maine’s waters, the glorious Atlantic, and our very own Colby pool — home of the AquaMules! Come find me if you ever want to go splorin’ 🙂

Margaret Staller ’22

Gear Bigelow Buddy

Interests: Animals, moss, mushrooms, gardening, kayaking, baking, saunas, scary movies

Hi- I’m Margaret! I’m from the 18 miles of very swampy coast that New Hampshirites are really proud of. I am trying to do as much hiking as possible because I love it, and because I think it is the best way to know a region really well. I love to talk about birds and hear foraging tricks. Come on hikes with me and tell me about your pets! I have 3 dogs at home who I miss dearly.




Trip Leaders

The devoted hands and feet.

Megan Hartnett ’21 
Interests: hiking, canoeing, stargazing, swimming, campfires, lighthouses, snowball fights, the Arboretum
Hello, I am Megan! I hail from 30 minutes outside of Boston (surprise!). It is my mission to find the perfectly toasted marshmallow. I love to hike, stargaze, swim, and dream of visiting every lighthouse in Maine! Come outside with me! 🙂

Grace Andrews ’21

Interests: Day hiking, backpacking, canoeing, nordic skiing, alpine skiing, climbing trees, taking excessive amounts of summit pics

I’m from Farmington, Maine, where I spent most of my childhood either being outside or wishing I was outside. On campus you can probably find me either holed up in Miller or looking up at the sky (possibly both if I can score one of those skylight desks). This year, I can’t wait to lead some trips, do some exploring, and continue to expand my circle of outdoorsy friends!

Lily Sethares ’21

Interests: autumn leaves, wildflowers, hikes with cool mushrooms, birds (especially the really round ones)

Hey friends! I’m Lily and I’m from Barnstable, MA! I love spending time outside soaking up the afternoon light and collecting the prettiest leaves from around campus. On campus I am co-president of Project Pengyou and enjoy staring out over the landscape on Miller Steps. I can’t wait to lead trips and explore Maine’s secrets with you guys!

Will O’Connor ’22

Interests: Backpacking, Peak bagging, Canoeing, Mountaineering (Winter), Skiing (Alpine), Sea and Flatwater kayacking, sunrises

Hi! I’m William O’Connor (Will), I go by He/Him/His, I’m from Mt. Kisco, New York, and my favorite activity is swingin’ in the hammock of the COC office. I love all things outdoor, but I particurally enjoy backpacking, canoeing, surfing, and anything to do with wintertime! When I’m not cruising through the wilds of Maine, you can find me doing gear for the outing club, playing guitar or tossing a frisbee around campus. I’m always looking for new ways to get people involved in trips, so if there’s a trip you’d like to see led, come talk to me about it! Peace Love and Cornnuts- Will

Macey Broadwater ’21

Interests: Climbing, hiking, spelunking, swimming, surfing (but doesn’t actually know how…), cooking, cuddling with Emma, dancing, gardening, and hiding from large crowds.

Macey grew up all around the country, from Florida to Colorado, North Carolina, and Texas, and now she has somehow found herself up in Maine! She can be found on any number of elevated surfaces (rocks, trees, mountains, countertops, etc) or seducing sailors at sea. Whether or not she is a mermaid remains unconfirmed. She’d happily eat rice and beans for every meal, and she’s super stoked to go on lots of outdoor adventures this year!

Sam Kane ’20

Interests: Paddling (whitewater rafting, kayaking, and solo/tandem canoeing, and flatwater kayaking and solo/tandem canoeing – unless you want to flatwater raft??), day hiking, rock climbing

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, I was able to escape the desert heat every summer by going to camp, where I learned a few nifty tricks to survive, thrive, and jive in nature and also happened to hear about Colby and its dope COC. I love whitewater boating, especially canoeing and kayaking, and am looking to become an avid skier eventually. On campus, I sing with the Colbyettes, give tours, write for the Echo, and try to not slip on ice (though I usually fail).

Sam Kwon ’21

Interests: cooking, medicine, frisbee, hiking, painting, theatre, dogs, snowboarding, long drives, floppy hats, buffs

Hi! My name is Sam and I was born and raised in New York City. I came to Colby because someone told me Maine was pretty chilly and it did not disappoint! When I’m not leading trips, you can find me running shifts as an EMT, working in Keyes, in rehearsal, tossing a frisbee, or baking bread.

Chris Reardon ’21







Addie Thompson ’21