jakemarty1-2Learn more about outdoor education, give back to the club, and help get other people outside.

Joining Club Leadership is one of the best ways to get more involved with the club. We run elections every Spring for the following positions

Katahdin Council

  • Co-Presidents – Organize the club and help with both day-to-day and larger scale activities. Must be of senior standing.
  • Treasurer – Coordinates club funding and allocates money to trips, events, and gear as necessary.
  • Secretary – Records notes from club meetings and largely runs communication with the greater Colby Community
  • Untitled K-Council member – We typically elect one additional member of K-Council, typically to take over if another member goes abroad.

All Members of K-Council help keep the club running, run weekly office hours for gear checkout, and coordinate with Bigelow Buddies.


Bigelow Buddies

  • Gear (2) – Runs rentals and maintenance of COC gear. Coordinates new gear purchases. Runs weekly office hours alongside K-Council.
  • Trips Facilitation (2) – Trains new leaders and guides them through the leader training process. Also organizes larger club trips (Katahdin, Fall Break, Spring Break, etc.). Must be a COC leader.
  • Events (2) – Organizes and runs events for the club and the greater Colby Community. Will also coordinate with other clubs on campus.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (2) – Works with K-Council and other Bigelow Buddies to ensure that the club is accessibly and equitable to the greater Colby community. Will often work alongside events or trips to coordinate activities and discussions that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially in outdoor-oriented contexts.
  • Sugaring (1) – Organizes annual sugaring (maple syrup-making) process. Will coordinate volunteer involvement and make sure sugaring gear is kept up to date.
  • Cabin (1) – Helps maintain and rent out the Outing Club Cabin, located about 30min west.


Camden Comrades

Camden Comrade positions can be proposed to K-Council during the election process. K-Council can either approve or reject the position, but no voting by the club is required. These positions are created by the applicant, and can focus on one specific part of the general COC functions that they would like to improve. Past focuses have been med kit upkeep, geocaching, whittling, and kayaking.
All students in leadership positions are eligible to recieve some item of leadership swag at the end of the school year.