Want to get outside but don’t know how? Want to brush up on some skills? This is a handy and authoritative repository of any and all information we can think of that will help you be safe and have fun.

Trips in and around New England

Maine Trail Finder

This is an awesome site that provides information about hikes all over Maine, organized in huge map and sorted by difficulty, length, etc.

Maine Huts and Trails

A great non-profit organization that operates a network of trails and huts in Western Maine near the Bigelow Range. A great choice for cozy winter expeditions!

Great Maine Outdoor Weekend

Annual event put on by the Maine Outdoor Coalition; cool opportunity to meet new people and find trip new places to explore. 

EveryTrail Best Hikes in Maine

This is an open-source site that puts up some great information on hikes all around the country.

Appalachian Trail Interactive Map

Similar to the Maine Trail Finder, this site gives detailed information about the Appalachian Trail (AT) from Georgia to Maine. Great for planning a day hike or a longer trip along the world’s longest continuously maintained foot path.

Baxter State Park

All the info you need to plan a trip to Katahdin or around Baxter State Park: maps, campground info, anything you’ll need.

The BOC Legend

As Colby students, it pains us to acknowledge the existence of the college to the south with worse access to virtually every mountain in Maine. That said, the best kind of Bates student is an outdoorsy Bates student, and the resource that they’ve put together here is actually pretty cool. It has some great stories and ideas; it’s a fitting celebration of the Maine Wilderness and it may be worth a look.


Outdoors Info and Courses

LNT Basics

Leave No Trace is the basis for our outdoor ethics. Leave only footprints, take only photographs: help preserve the environment you visit so that it can remain after you leave.

National Outdoor Leadership School

The leader in Wilderness Education. Several NOLS alumni call the COC home. Just look for the sticker on a nalgene.

Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness medicine is offered by a variety of organizations. We like to partner with Wilderness Medical Associates, though SOLOWilderness Medicine Institute, and others also run great programs. 

Books, Maps and Other Resources

We maintain a small library of outdoors books and maps in our office if you’re looking to learn more. Even better, ask around at the COC. Our members and trip leaders have a wide variety of experience and love to talk about the outdoors. Stop by during office hours to talk about getting outside