Thanks for being awesome and leading trips. The following is a guideline for leading COC Trips. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the K-Council:


  • Find a trip and a co-lead at the meeting, via email, in person, with smoke signals. Send a general description to the secretary so that we can advertise it to the outing list serv ( Feel free to advertise any way you want.
  • Aim to post trips on the COC calendar on Tuesday at 8pm. Posts should include:
    • A descriptive title
    • Time of departure and arrival back on campus
    • Total mileage in miles, kilometers, and approximate hours
    • Overall level of difficulty from 1 to 5 (full description here)
    • Necessary skills (if any)
  • Trips on campus don’t necessarily need to be posted on the Calendar, you can just send an email to [outing]
  • If you need rental cars fill out the rental vehicle form by Wednesday at 7:00pm.
  • Drivers of all cars must be Colby Certified.
  • Fill out an Online Trip Itinerary and print out three copies: one for each leader and one for the bin in the office.



  • Hold a pre-trip meeting at least 48 hours in advance of departure. At this meeting, go over:
    • Go over the trip plan
    • Review the packing list; for longer trips, physically review gear
    • Talk to participants about their expectations and concerns
    • Sign waiver forms found in the basket next to the computer. Put these in a new manila folder with your trip name on it.
  • Not all trips need to have a pre-trip meeting. Shorter, easier day trips generally don’t require one, but if you’re going on a winter trip or an overnight trip, definitely have a meeting to go over gear and expectations.

Go on your awesome trip.


  • Write about it here!
  • Dry all gear and store it neatly in the common room. Tents and sleeping bags should be completely zipped.
  • Be sure to fill out a post-trip evaluation and co-lead evaluation if applicable.

If a trip is cancelled before 24 hours of departure, email the group. If the trip is cancelled within 24 hours, the leaders need to meet with the groups at the designated departure time and location to explain the situation.