In order to give you a better idea of an upcoming trip, every COC trip will be rated according to the following scale of difficulty:

  1. A trip involving low exertion and no previous skill. Hikes will be less than 5 miles/8km, and generally have a relaxed feel. A good example would be Mt. Phillip in Rome.
  2. A trip involving low to medium exertion and no previous skill. Hikes may be a little longer, but typically involve little elevation gain and easy profiles. Camden Hills State Park is a good Level 2 hike.
  3. A trip involving medium exertion and no previous skill. Hikes may be as long as 10 miles/16km, but not a huge amount of elevation gain. Tumbledown would fall into this category.
  4. A trip involving medium to high exertion and previous experience recommended but absolutely not required. Hikes may be more than 10 miles/16km, and can involve high elevation gain and difficult stretches of hiking. Saddle Trail up Katahdin is a good example.
  5. A trip involving high exertion, previous experience highly recommended. Hiking trips will likely be more than 10 miles/16km a day, and involve serious uphills and downhills. Terrain and exposure is often difficult. The Knife’s Edge up Katahdin or a Presidential Traverse would constitute level 5 trips.