Welcome calls to new families

Colby parents are invited to make personal phone calls to the parents of incoming first-year students and welcome them to the Colby community. Known as the Parent Welcome Committee, volunteer callers answer questions about the College and provide valuable insight into the Mayflower Hill experience. The  goal is to create an ongoing dialogue among parents and, in turn, build a stronger, more vibrant parent community. A list of no more than 10 new families, FAQs, and call instructions are provided to volunteers over the summer. Volunteers call new families during July and August. If you would like to volunteer to make welcome calls, please contact the Office of Parent Programs at 207-859-4321 or at [email protected].


Parents are valuable resources for the Career Center, forwarding employment opportunities and information about entry-level job positions to the College, mentoring students in their places of work, and sharing valuable career advice with students and young alumni. The Career Center’s Colby Connect program engages students and connects them to fellowships, internships, job shadowing, and employment opportunities and prepares them for graduate study. In addition the Career Center welcomes parent participation in career symposia on and off campus.

Parents Executive Committee

The Parents Executive Committee (PEC) is a group of over 160 current Colby families who support, volunteer, advise and host events for the College. Philanthropic giving from PEC members ensure a robust experience for all Colby students. PEC members are committed to excellence, to supporting students and faculty at the highest levels, and to the College’s deep liberal arts tradition. For more information, or to join the PEC today, please complete this form or contact Sarah Ross, Leadership Annual Gift Officer ([email protected]). Current PEC members should click here.

Family Support of the Colby Fund

As parents and guardians, you have a unique opportunity to provide gifts that powerfully reaffirm the ideals at the heart of Colby’s mission. Your support also helps provide every student with outstanding facilities in which to learn and grow, and helps make certain that deserving students have access to a world-class education. Gifts of all sizes make a difference. Indeed, roughly one-third of annual donations to the College come from parents. Over half of all current parents and a majority of senior families further support their student’s experience through the Colby Fund.

Whether you wish to support the College’s facilities, financial aid, athletics, remarkable faculty, or another important area, the Colby Fund is the best vehicle to further your children’s success. Make a gift today.