Dear Fellow Colby Families,

Members of the Parents Executive Committee (PEC) play an important role in the life of the Colby community. Through participation and philanthropic support, the PEC brings us closer to Colby. If you are interested in deeper connections and contributing to Colby at a leadership level, this is the perfect opportunity. We would be happy to answer questions and provide additional information. We look forward to meeting you and your students.

Jim and Michele Bowe P’11, ’13, ’15, ’23

The Parents Executive Committee (PEC) is a group of over 160 current Colby families who support, volunteer, and serve as ambassadors for the College. PEC families lead philanthropically, with annual contributions to the Colby Fund to ensure that each student’s experience is hallmarked by intellectual innovation across disciplines and meaningful connections that extend far beyond Mayflower Hill. This level of support for Colby’s enriching liberal arts education prepares each and every Colby student for life after college – empowering them to make their mark on the world in incredible ways.

What it means to be a PEC Parent:

  • Support the Colby Fund with philanthropic contributions of $5,000 or more each year
  • Lead the Senior Family Pledge, with a goal of 100% parent participation
  • Participate in enriching conversations meant to deepen understanding of Colby’s philanthropic priorities and opportunities
  • Consider a family commitment to one of our priorities for our Dare Northward campaign

For more information, or to join the PEC today, please complete this form or contact Sarah Ross, Leadership Annual Gift Officer, Office of Family Philanthropy and Engagement at [email protected].