Your choice indicates that you have an interest and ability to philosophize, but friends or family members might already have asked you, “Philosophy? What can you do with that?” In truth, there is very little you can’t do, and do well, with your philosophical studies. While a small percentage of our majors go on to graduate school in philosophy, many more of them put their skills to use in other fields. Many go on to graduate school in professions such as law, medicine, theological seminary, and teaching; in addition, they work for lobbying groups, they go to graduate school in other fields to become college professors, they teach primary schools, they enter the non-profit sphere, they become college level athletics coaches. Our students often combine their philosophical interests with other majors on campus such as biology, government, theater & dance, English, mathematics, physics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology, just to name a few. So, as you can see, there is a broad range of possibilities for you. We find that our graduates are excellently prepared for a variety of careers that require clear and concise communication skills, analytic and critical abilities, and a general, intellectual engagement with life around them.