Elizabeth J. McGrath

Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy


Elizabeth joined the Physics and Astronomy faculty at Colby College in 2012.  Her research interests are in observational astronomy and understanding how the most massive galaxies in our Universe form and evolve over time.  In particular, she is focused on determining what physical mechanism is responsible for the cessation of star formation in these galaxies, using clues from their morphology as revealed by high-resolution imaging at optical and near-infrared wavelengths.  Elizabeth uses data primarily from the Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based facilities employing Adaptive Optics such as the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii.  She was previously a researcher at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and obtained her graduate degree at the University of Hawaii.

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Office: Mudd 403

Phone: 207-859-5861

Observatory phone: 207-859-5878

Fax: 207-859-5868

email: emcgrath [at] colby.edu

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