Colby's Board-Chair Elect

September 4, 2015

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

I am pleased to report to you that yesterday evening the Colby College Board of Trustees unanimously voted Eric Rosengren ’79 as its next chair. Since he joined the board in 2010, Eric has displayed the integrity, values, and leadership abilities that will be tremendous assets to the board and the College as we move forward with an ambitious agenda.

After graduating from Colby, Eric earned a Ph.D. in macroeconomics from the University of Wisconsin. He continues to be a prolific writer and scholar, publishing papers on the implications of international financial shocks and on credit crunches and implications of problems in the banking system on the economy, among other topics. As president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Eric is known for using innovative approaches to policymaking to improve the lives of the American people. In recent years he has been recognized for his work to fight poverty in the greater Boston area and to stimulate redevelopment and economic growth in cities and towns throughout New England.

During this academic year, Eric will join Richard Uchida as a vice chair while Chair of the Board Bob Diamond carries out his final term. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Bob Diamond for his exemplary leadership. Bob’s commitment to Colby is inspiring, and his support for strengthening Colby’s programs is unwavering. We will take time to celebrate him this spring, when his term is closer to completion. But for now, I want to personally acknowledge all that he has done for Colby over these past six years as chair.

Below you will find the press release we will send out later this morning.

With best regards,

David A. Greene

Office of the President
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