A Remarkable Gift From Joe and Sheri Boulos

February 23, 2017

Dear Colby Community,

It is a great pleasure to share the news that Joe ’68 and Sheri Boulos have committed $10 million in support of the new athletics complex. The gift is the largest in the couple’s history and represents their commitment to strengthening the College community and the student experience. The fitness center, which will be a centerpiece of the athletics complex opening in 2020, will be named in their honor.

As we have worked to build on Colby’s long history of excellence-by investing in our academic programs, connecting students to the world beyond campus through universal access to opportunities, making Waterville a more vibrant place to live, and developing extraordinary facilities to support our programs-Joe, who has served on the Board of Trustees since 1993, has been a true champion.

Joe and Sheri’s commitment to the things they care deeply about extends beyond Colby. They have supported countless organizations in the areas of education, veterans affairs, and mental health. At Colby they funded an initial program (now extended to all students) that provided grants rather than loans in financial aid packages for Maine students, and they created a scholarship fund for veterans that has helped more than 300 veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan attend college in Maine. They have made a tremendous difference in the lives of Mainers and in the state’s important institutions, especially Colby.

Following his graduation on Mayflower Hill, Joe was a U.S. Marine pilot in Vietnam. He went on to create a highly successful real estate development firm in Portland that played a key role in that city’s cultural and economic renaissance. He served as chair of the Colby Board of Trustees from 2005 to 2009 and became a life trustee in 2016. Joe is always the first to step forward for his alma mater.

I am indebted to Joe and Sheri for their warmth and friendship, guidance and support, and remarkable generosity. They raise my sights for what is possible for this amazing College.

David A. Greene

Office of the President
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