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Dynamic, diverse and intellectually vibrant, Colby places inclusiveness, equality of opportunity, civic engagement, arts and creativity, and healthy, active lifestyles among its highest values.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to Colby’s mission. The College’s commitment is expressed through the intentional integration of services, programming, and initiatives that work to ensure every student’s success and create an environment where all members of the Colby community feel respected and valued intellectually, academically, and socially. In 2022 Colby announced the Weiland Welcome Grants for low-income first-year students and launched a student success fund for students with unanticipated expenses that could inhibit their academic pursuits.
Colby is becoming increasingly appealing to the world’s most-talented students. Applicants to Colby have now surpassed 16,800, a number that has tripled since 2014, as more students from diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds recognize our distinctive academic programs, extraordinary faculty, and unique campus experience.
A vibrant arts culture with outstanding resources is attracting accomplished and academically curious students, many of whom will major outside the arts but still bring intellectual and creative energy to Colby. The Gordon Center for Creative and Performing Arts, now under construction and planned to open in 2023, will unite our liberal arts mission with expected and unexpected disciplines to unlock new, transformative models of teaching and learning. The Gordon Center, together with the Colby College Museum of Art, Lunder Institute for American Art, Greene Block + Studios, and the forthcoming Paul J. Schupf Art Center provide unparalleled opportunities for artistic inquiry, creation, engagement, and scholarship.
Maine is an ideal setting for a healthy, active life. With the 350,000-square-foot state-of-the-art Harold Alfond Athletics and Recreation Center, a comprehensive outdoor competition center, a new recreation program, and initiatives that promote exploring and enjoying the natural environment, Colby is integrating wellness into the student experience in ways only Colby can.
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