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Faculty members are invited to submit proposals for a Faculty Instructional Technology Fellowship. The fellowship is designed to support faculty members seeking to substantially incorporate digital technologies into a new or existing course that they will be teaching in the 2018-2019 academic year. Proposals are due by March 12, 2018.

Fellows will work primarily through the summer to (re)design the course with close support from Academic ITS staff. The FIT Fellows will also meet as a group with each other and Academic ITS staff three times during the summer to share experiences and discuss challenges. In an effort to gauge the effect of the technological enhancements, FIT Fellows will include a question relevant to their fellowship in the course evaluation of their (re)designed course. Also, FIT Fellows will be prepared to share their experiences with other colleagues in an effort to broaden the program over time.

The Fellows program especially encourages (re)designing of courses to:

  • Increase faculty experience with technology as a tool to solve instructional challenges rather than an add-on to current practice.
  • Encourage robust use of technology that engages student learning in multiple modes (visual literacy, active learning, collaborative and constructivist pedagogies). An initial focus would develop the use of video and other visual media.
  • Develop opportunities for student research as part of technology-supported curricular experiences or through student participation in the development of technology-supported pedagogy.
  • Explore how to make the most of the increase in face-to-face class instructional time gained through flipped classroom approaches that engages students in active learning.
  • Support peer-to-peer instruction and group projects that develop independent problem solving and critical thinking skills.
    Increase opportunities for asynchronous study and learning through the use of short video, lecture capture, voice-over Powerpoint.
  • Develop pedagogy around bring your own device (BYOD) classroom experiences. The College has made significant investments in wireless network infrastructure and nearly all students have devices that can take advantage of it.

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by faculty peers who have recently completed projects similar to those listed above. Up to three proposals may be selected this year.

Fellows will receive a stipend of $2,500 for their work. Limited additional money will be available to Fellows for ancillary technology equipment or software.

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