The Office of the Provost supports faculty and students. Members of the office have particular areas of responsibility, but any member of the office will be glad to receive questions or concerns.

Margaret T. McFadden

Provost and Dean of Faculty
Eustis 306
Phone: 207-859-4772
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

As the chief academic officer, the Provost and Dean of Faculty is ultimately responsible for the entire academic enterprise of the College–ranging from the hiring, review, and promotion of faculty to the structure and implementation of the curriculum.¬† The Provost manages these and other responsibilities with the assistance of the Provost’s Office staff, the various academic administrative offices, and the work of both Chairs/Directors and faculty.

  • Oversight of promotion and tenure review
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Department and program resource allocation and budgets
  • Oversight of academic resources and facilities
  • Trustee initiatives
  • Oversight of the Colby Libraries, Off-Campus Study, Department of Athletics

Russell R. Johnson

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Biology
Eustis 307
Phone: 207-859-4776
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Faculty hiring
  • Liaison to Chairs/Directors
  • Faculty First Year Reviews, Sixth Semester Reviews, Merit Reviews

Carol A. Hurney

Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
Phone: 207-859-4787
Eustis 203-A
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Faculty development
  • Faculty orientation
  • Faculty mentoring
  • Chair/Director training and support


James M. Sloat

Associate Provost and Associate Dean of Faculty
Phone: 207-859-4786
Eustis 203-C
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Academic project management (e.g., academic schedule, non-faculty academic searches, assessment/accreditation, etc.)
  • Oversight of Registrar’s office
  • Oversight of Academic Administrative Assistants
  • Colby Liberal Arts Symposium (CLAS)
  • Fellowships support
  • Liaison to Dean of Studies office
  • Liaison to non-academic administrative offices (e.g., Admissions, Athletics, Communications, etc.)


Melissa J. Glenn

Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Professor of Psychology
Eustis 203-B
Phone: 207-859-4788
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Curricular oversight
  • Jan Plan curriculum
  • Department and program assessments
  • Management of academic spaces (e.g., faculty offices, classrooms, labs, etc.)
  • College academic partnerships (e.g., Bigelow, Jackson Labs, etc.)
  • Faculty course evaluations
  • Summer student research

Jean Marie Layton

Assistant Director of Faculty HR
Eustis 101
Phone: 207-859-4784
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Faculty human resource management
  • Faculty searches, appointments, relocation, on-boarding
  • I-9 employment verification
  • International faculty visas
  • Faculty payroll requests

Mandy A. Grant

Executive Assistant to the Provost and Dean of Faculty
Eustis 306
Phone: 207-859-4772
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Scheduling and referral related to the Provost and Provost’s Office
  • Reimbursements and accounts payable support (e.g., start-up funds, professional travel grants, endowed chair funds, other faculty requests for funding, student special projects fund)
  • Event support related to the Provost’s Office (e.g. Faculty Orientation/Regathering, Convocation, Faculty Retreat, Baccalaureate, Commencement, etc.)
  • Administrative support for Provost Office processes (e.g., faculty elections, course evaluations, web page, etc.)

Julia Bruno

Faculty Administrative Specialist
Eustis 102
Phone: 207-859-4778
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Workday and Interfolio support and processes for faculty and academic administrators
  • Faculty lifecycle processes (searches, recruitment, appointment, reimbursements, reviews)
  • Faculty searches, appointments, relocation, on-boarding
  • Faculty payroll requests