Colby Registrar's Office
Course Descriptions by Subject

Display course descriptions for all courses within a selected subject area,
e.g. East Asian Studies, Geology, Sociology, Theater and Dance.

2023-24 course descriptions are works-in-progress
and dependent upon input from departments and programs.

Subject:     Academic Yr:       

 Notes on reading course descriptions:
  • First digit of course number generally indicates level and class eligibility:
    • 000: noncredit January programs; priority to first-years unless noted
    • 100: priority to first-year students
    • 200: open to sophomores and above
    • 300: open to juniors and seniors
    • 400: restricted to seniors
  • Lowercase letters (f, j, or s) immediately following the course number indicate term(s) offered:
    f: fall semester j: January term s: spring semester
  • Square brackets ( [ ] ) around course number mean not offered in current year
  • Area requirement fulfilled is indicated by a bold-faced capital letter following credit hours:
    • A: Arts
    • H: Historical Studies
    • L: Literature
    • N: Natural Sciences
      • Lb designates required lab
      • OptLb designates optional lab
    • Q: Quantitative Reasoning
    • S: Social Sciences
  • W1 designates a course that fulfills the First-Year Writing requirement. (W2 and W3 designate upper-level writing-intensive courses, although there is not an upper-level writing distribution requirement.)
  • I or U designates a course that fulfills the International or U.S. Diversity requirement, respectively, for the Class of 2007 and later.
  • D designates a course that fulfills the Diversity requirement for class years prior to 2007.