• Meeting this graduation requirement does not earn academic credit.
  • Students and advisors, see “Distribution Checklist” for individual student status.
  • 2019-20 Wellness Seminar Schedule
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Deadline Must complete to… Contact
AlcoholEdu, Part 2 November 6, 2019 * Select second semester classes. Katie Barlow, Health Promotion Coordinator, Garrison Foster Health Center
2 Sexual Violence Prevention Training Sessions **;
schedule TBA
November 6, 2019 * Select second semester classes. Emily Schusterbauer, Director of Gender and Sexual Diversity, Pugh Center
4 Wellness Seminars **;
2019-20 Schedule
April 13, 2020 * Select third semester classes. Katie Barlow


SECOND-YEAR REQUIREMENT Deadline Must complete to… Contact
1 Bystander Intervention Training Session;
schedule TBA
November 6, 2019 Select fourth semester classes. Emily Schusterbauer


* Transfer students must complete AlcoholEdu and Sexual Violence Prevention Training in the semester they arrive on campus and must complete four Wellness Seminars before they can select courses for their third semester at Colby. Students who have taken AlcoholEdu at a previous institution may submit that information to the Health Center (Katie Sawyer) for verification. No other online program (My Student Body, etc.) may substitute for AlcoholEdu.

** Mid-year entrants, including first-years who spent their first semester in France or Spain, must complete AlcoholEdu Part 1 by August 31, 2020; and must complete Part 2 by November 6, 2019 to select second semester courses. Sexual Violence Prevention Training and three (3) Wellness Seminars must be completed by April 13, 2020.

AlcoholEdu for College: available August 4th

A 2-part, web-based alcohol prevention program used at more than 400 colleges and universities nationwide, AlcoholEdu for College incorporates proven prevention strategies with essential, science-based alcohol education to educate students about the impact of alcohol on the mind and body. Whether or not you drink, AlcoholEdu for College will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with the drinking behavior of peers.

Sexual Violence Prevention Training: two sessions required; dates to be announced

Each 60-minute session is discussion-based, and led by a team of trained sexual violence prevention peer educators. The first session provides a comprehensive understanding of Colby’s sexual violence policies and procedures. The second introduces the skills necessary to safely intervene before an incident escalates and to effectively support a friend who has experienced sexual violence.

Wellness Seminars: four required; 2019-20 Schedule

To receive credit, your ID card must be scanned at the end of the seminar; for smaller workshops only, you must sign the attendance sheet. If a seminar you attend is not applied to your Distribution Checklist, please contact Valerie Sirois, Associate Registrar within one week of the event.