Welcome to the Wellness Program! This schedule (seminar details below) will be updated throughout the year. For more information, or if you have suggestions for a workshop or event that might be credit-worthy, please contact Katie.Sawyer@colby.edu.
  • See Wellness Requirement Policy for full requirement details and deadlines.
  • Sexual Violence Prevention training must be completed by November 6 to select Spring 2020 classes.
  • Four Wellness Seminars (below) must be completed by first-years to select Fall 2020 classes in April. (Most other students must complete the requirement before selecting Spring 2020 classes in November.)
  • To receive credit, your ID card must be scanned at the end of the seminar; for smaller workshops only, you must sign the attendance sheet.
  • If a seminar you attend is not applied to your Distribution Checklist, please contact Valerie Sirois, Associate Registrar within one week of the event.

Various dates (see below);
“Sex Ed 101”

Did you get good sex education in high school? Do you know nothing about how sex works but want to? Do you just love sex and want to know more about it? People arrive at college with varying levels of experience with sex and sex education, so this workshop will cover the basics while remaining interesting to those who already have a solid foundation. The goal of this Sex Ed 101 workshop is to bring small groups together in a comfortable setting to talk about sex and share the resources that can facilitate safe and fun experiences. We will talk about anatomy, arousal, contraceptives, STIs, communication and several other important topics. After going through this peer-led workshop, students will have the tools to make informed decisions about sex and the resources to engage further around the topic. Available dates in 2019 are September 16, October 1, November 6, December 3. Available dates in 2020 are January 9, February 6, March 2, April 1, April 7. Space in these sessions is limited to 20 people, please reserve your spot at: Sex Ed 101 seminar registration.

Thursday, September 26th or Tuesday, October 1st, 4:00-5:00pm,
“Explore Your Local Woods” with Colby’s Director of Outdoor Education, Ryan Linehan

We will explore the local trails right outside your residence halls. Students will gain knowledge of the local trail systems and receive a packet of information unlocking a wide variety of local day hikes you can enjoy all year long. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at Explore Your Local Woods seminar registration. Confirmation will be distributed via email.

Thursday, October 10, 7:30-8:30pm, Page Commons;
“LOVE vs. fear: The Epic Battle to Love MORE nd Fearless” with Darryl Bellamy, Jr.

In all situations, we have two choices, Love vs. Fear. Because of our upbringing, our deeply held beliefs, and other factors, we sometimes choose fear. We fear those conversations and things that are hard because we might say something wrong or fear those that may look different because we don’t fully understand. Take a more in-depth look at why you choose one or the other and learn how to choose love and understanding more often.

Monday, October 28, 7:30-8:30pm, Page Commons;
Critical Drinking: A Mule’s Journey to Recovery

Join a Colby alumna as she discusses her descent into alcoholism and finding freedom in a life without substances. Learn about the elements of Colby’s culture that supported both a dangerous relationship to alcohol as well as a pathway to recovery.

Tuesday, October 29th or November 5th, 4:00-5:00pm, Rose Chapel;
“Introduction to Meditation” with Jing Ye

Meditation has been proven to enhance relaxation and overall well being. This experiential workshop will introduce basic technique and provide the opportunity to begin a practice of mindfulness. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at: Introduction to Meditation seminar registration. Confirmation will be distributed via email.

Wednesday, November 13, 7:30-8:30pm, Page Commons;
Failure and Resilience: Student Perspectives

Everybody fails – sometimes spectacularly – but what you choose to do in response to adversity has powerful influence over what happens next. Our distinguished Colby Community student panelists will share true stories about their own personal failures and fiascos, along with thoughtful explanations of how they’ve developed and implemented successful strategies to move ahead with their lives. Viewing failure as feedback rather than fate is critical to learning from it. Sponsored by the Dean of Studies Office.

Wednesday, January 8, 7:00pm-8:00pm, Page Commons;
“AIDS, Love & the Meaning of Life” with Scott Fried

Internationally celebrated HIV/AIDS educator, motivational speaker and annual guest lecturer at Colby College, Scott Fried, will change the way you think about your life. Come hear his story as he celebrates his 30th year of living with HIV and be inspired by some of the many lessons he has learned along the way. Some topics include living a life of contradiction, the power of authenticity and vulnerability, the value of unhappiness, the wisdom of gratitude and the qualities of mercy. In addition, you’ll learn about safer sex and consent on campus, as well as new HIV/AIDS information like TasP, PEP and PrEP. In the words of one Colby student, “I cannot even begin to tell you how you moved and touched my soul.” You’ll thank yourself for coming.

Past Seminars 2019-20

Monday, September 9, 7:30-8:30pm, Olin 001;
Accommodations 101: Access, Wellness and Rethinking Disability

Do you currently use accommodations? Have you used accommodations in high school? Do you manage a health related condition that impacts your living and learning on campus? Are you a disability ally, friend or just interested in learning more about accommodations in college? From available accommodations, the processes for getting accommodations, your rights and responsibilities and most importantly, strategies for self advocacy. Join us to learn from upperclassman about how they’ve been successful, have your questions answered and meet other students committed to increasing access at Colby!

Tuesday, September 17th, 7:30-8:30pm, Ostrove Auditorium;
Crazy Love: From the Ivy League to A Gun at My Head

A year after graduating from Harvard, Leslie Morgan Steiner met and married a man who beat her. Come learn the truth about relationship abuse myths and misconceptions from a woman who’s been there. **Program contains accounts of intimate partner violence. Audience discretion advised.

REGISTRATION CLOSED – Saturday, September 21st, 1:00-2:00pm, Colby Art Museum
Let the Art Inspire: Artful Movements

Artful Movements provides an opportunity to practice a series of gentle yoga poses inspired by artworks in the galleries. Each session will begin with a deeper look at an artwork, followed by movement and meditation with Kathleen Leisure Haberstock of School Street Yoga. All yoga levels are welcome. Yoga mats are provided; attendees are welcome to bring their own. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to stretch. This program is part of the Museum’s wellness initiative, Let the Art Inspire, which includes a variety of programs that connect mind, body, and art in innovative ways. Class size is limited. Please register your interest at Artful Movements seminar registration. Confirmation will be distributed via email.