Welcome to the Healthy Colby First-Year Experience! Grounded in the Five Domains of Healthy Colby, the four elements of this program are selected specifically to equip you with skills to create a strong collegiate foundation. You will be contacted by your student-faculty/staff facilitator in September with details for your first gathering.
  • See Wellness Requirement Policy for full requirement details and deadlines.
  • All four elements (below) must be completed by first-years to select Fall 2021 classes in April. (Most other students must complete the requirement before selecting Spring 2021 classes in November.)
  • Your facilitators will track attendance to report to the Registrar’s Office.
  • If you believe your Distribution Checklist does not accurately reflect your attendance, please contact Valerie Sirois, Associate Registrar within one week of the event.


Element When?** Why now? Healthy Colby Domains Covered
ReST (Resiliency Skills Training) October; 4 sessions Some students are missing family and the familiarity of home; academics are increasing in intensity; friendships are developing Human Experience – Emotional Well-being; Relationships
Time Management; Self-directed video and submitted reflection November First wave of mid-term exams occurs; competing extra-curricular and social commitments increasing Intellectual Inquiry; Human Experience – Emotional Wellbeing
Sleep: Self-directed video and submitted reflection January One semester and one finals period completed; time availability in January to experiment with new habits Human Experience – Physical Wellness; Human Experience – Emotional Wellbeing
Colby Life: Self-directed video and submitted reflection January Most have experienced enough of Colby life to have made observations of the culture; ready to find a meaningful place in community; have a desire for meaning-making Community Citizenship; Relationships

  **Timing subject to change due to modified schedule Fall 2020