Gloeotrichia Abundance
Gloeotrichia Abundance at all station locations for three time periods is shown above.  The number represents an abundance scale from 0 to 5 with 5 being the highest.  This plot shows that 30% of the sampling locations had a Gloeotrichia abundance of 3 in the period July 15 to August 15.
During the Gloeotrichia surveys the volunteers were asked to evaluate recreational impact on a scale from 0 to 5.  The impact score correlates very well with Gloeotrichia abundance.  Many people don’t like to swim when the recreational impact score is above 2.
The map below shows the spatial distribution of Gloeotrichia abundance.  The size of the green dot corresponds to the Gloeotrichia abundance scores described above.  The largest dots are equal to a score of 5.  The distribution of the dots is biased to some extent by the location of the volunteers.  However, notice that the Gloeotrichia abundance was always low at the south end of Great Pond.