Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing Information

As noted in the email sent by Dean of Students, Barbara Moore, on June 16th, approved juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to live in off-campus housing for the 2021-2022 academic year.  To read the full email CLICK HERE.
Additional information about the off campus process can be found HERE. 

Colby Room Draw

Symplicity is Colby’s online system for managing room selections during the room draw each spring. Each student receives a room-draw number and a pick-time based on seniority.

Housing Resources

Housing applications, instructions, and floor plans—everything you’ll need to be an expert in picking a room at Colby:

Transportation Resources

Car Service/Charters
Taxi Services
Waterville has a number of taxi operators that can assist students with travel to the Greyhound bus stop or the August Transportation Center.  Taxi options can be found at this link
Amtrak Downeaster
The Downeaster train operates four daily round trip routes between Brunswick, ME and Boston, MA.  Riders can board the train in Brunswick or at the Portland Transportation Center.  Individuals wishing to utilize train service would first need to secure transportation from Colby to Brunswick or Portland.
Rental Cars
Colby has a long-standing relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Individuals that meet the rental requirements have the option of renting a car to get to larger transportation centers or airports. 
Local Colby Sponsored Transportation
Colby College Security Office operates the primary local Colby transportation, the Colby Shuttle & Jitney which runs locally to transport students around Waterville. 
Ride Sharing
If the above options do not work, the Office of Campus Life encourages students to think about working with friends, hallmates, and peers to carpool. There are a number of platforms available for use to connect with other students for rides such as class year Facebook pages and Instagram pages as well as GroupMe.  Please contact the Office of Campus Life with any questions at 207-859-4280 or 
The ideal residential experience offers onsite resources and a built-in community. Each of our 26 residence halls is a microcosm of Colby. Students of various classes are housed together—sharing space and pride of association.

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