Campus Housing

The ideal residential experience offers onsite resources and built-in community. Each of our 26 residence halls is a microcosm of Colby. Students of various classes are housed together—sharing space and pride of association.

  • Living with students gives first-years constant access to advice, information, and support from those who already know their way around.
  • Being clustered with other first-years within mixed-year housing means new students get to learn with and lean on others who are just getting started.

Colby Room Draw

Symplicity is Colby’s online system for managing room selections during the room draw each spring. Each student receives a room-draw number and a pick-time based on seniority.

Residence Hall Gallery

Special-Interest Housing


    The Hall of Purpose Exploration (HoPE) is a residential community dedicated to asking questions about purposeful work, meaningful lives, and community connections. A group of select sophomores and juniors in residence for both semesters will live together, build community, and engage in conversation about living with purpose. The community will gather monthly to engage in conversation about big questions such as failure, happiness, courage, greed, and family. Residents will be assigned in small groups to a faculty or staff mentor. Location: Goddard-Hodgkins Hall

    Mind, Body, Spirit

    The Mind, Body, Spirit community is for students interested in exploring physical and emotional wellness. Students will be required to attend one program per month sponsored by their CA or an approved College-sponsored program. Themes such as sleep routines, meditation, yoga, nutrition, and stress reduction will be explored. Locations: Mary Low, Sturtevant, Pierce and Johnson Halls

    Quiet Study Community

    The Quiet Study Community will be a building or floors set aside as 24-hour quiet zones with adjustments for consideration. This is a community for students who wish to respect increased sensitivity to noise such as loud music, other audio noise, or groups conversing in public areas and hallways. The CA will work with community members to create and enforce quiet and consideration expectations. Location: Drummond Hall

    Substance-Free Living

    The Substance-Free Living building or floors are for students who choose not to use alcohol, tobacco products, or illicit substances. Students in this community agree to not store any such substances or to be in the community if they’re under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances. Students will participate in programs throughout the academic year that will increase awareness about substance use and abuse, and students will work with their CA to explore wellness-related topics. Locations: Coburn, East, Leonard, and Piper Halls