The department consists of six full-time security officers, seven reserve officers, one full-time secretary, four full-time dispatchers, a pool of student workers, the assistant director, and the director. Security officers are hired to protect the lives of people at Colby College and College property. The traditional role of patrolling the campus 24 hours a day is the primary function of the department.

The security officers work a schedule that provides maximum coverage during the busiest time periods. 

The most coverage is provided Thursday night through Sunday morning for social and special events such as parties, concerts, dances, etc. Student patrols are used to aid security officers in securing buildings, reporting security concerns, and covering special events.

Although charged with the unpopular role of “enforcer,” the Department of Security has maintained a close rapport with the College community, earning a reputation for fairness and helpfulness.  The College community has come to know that, in time of need, the department can be depended upon for assistance.

Please see the Standard Operating ProceduresAnnual Safety, Security, and Fire Safety Report; or Student Handbook for further information.

If you need additional information not addressed above or have any questions or suggestions on security matters, please feel free to call or visit the Department of Security in the Roberts Building, 128.