Emergency Notification Siren

In the winter of 2007-08 Colby installed a siren and public address loudspeaker atop Mayflower Hill. If the siren sounds, seek a secure location and await instructions (see below). Instructions may be broadcast over the public address loudspeaker.
















Colby subscribes to a telephone messaging service, Connect-Ed (found under “Services” tab), that allows students and employees to receive emergency information and instructions on cell phones or landlines. Students are required to register with the Connect-Ed system.

Follow-Up Information

  • Connect-Ed – Additional information can be sent to telephones
  • colby.edu – Colby’s home page will have specific instructions if an alert has sounded.
  • E-mail – Emergency instructions can be sent to all students and employees as e-mail
  • Security Officers – Security, law-enforcement officers, and other emergency responders equipped with radios can be dispatched to deliver follow-up information