At Colby College, primary prevention is our highest goal when addressing sexual violence. This means that we offer educational programs and support services that challenge the beliefs, biases, and behaviors that perpetuate sexual violence. On Colby’s campus, faculty, staff, and students are working together to create a climate in which sexual violence is impermissible and speaking out against sexual violence is the norm.

When sexual violence does occur, however, we are dedicated to responding in a timely and sensitive manner, ensuring that all involved are aware of the resources available on campus and in the larger Kennebec County area.

This site is designed to:

Please use the information provided here to help yourself, help a friend, and help make Colby College a safe space for everyone.

Student Handbook

Colby College’s complete Sexual Misconduct Policy is in Colby’s Student Handbook.

Information about Colby College’s Sexual Misconduct Investigation Model is in Colby’s Student Handbook.