Any individual who is required to make a report, and any other individual who wishes to make a report of Sexual Harassment should contact either the Title IX Coordinator or any one of the Deputy Title IX Coordinators below at any time. Reports after regular business hours can be made through Campus Security at 207-859-5911 (emergency number); 207-859-5530 (business number).  Campus Security is located in 128 Roberts.


There is no time limit on making reports of Sexual Harassment.


Title IX Coordinator: Meg Hatch

Eustis 210A



Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics: Jacqui Schuman

Harold Alfond Athletic Center D321



Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty: Carol A. Hurney

Eustis 203A



Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff: Cora Clukey

122 Roberts




Confidential Resources for individuals who are not required to make a Report to a Title IX Coordinator or who are not ready to make a Report are listed here.


To learn about what happens after a report is made, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Confidential Title IX Advocate, or reference pages 13 through 28 of Colby’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy