The comprehensive fee for the 2019-20 academic year has been set at $72,000. The fee includes tuition, room, board, and activities, and payment structures remain the same as in previous years. As always, we remain committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of our students, and Colby’s financial aid packages include grants in place of student loans.

Colby continues to expand opportunities for our students that both enhance their academic experience and prepare them for meaningful lives and career options upon graduation. DavisConnects, our innovative program that funds and facilitates internships, research opportunities, and global experiences, continues to evolve, and the Colby Labs offer rich experiences with partner institutions and world-renowned laboratories. On campus, we have increased the number of faculty to its largest ever so we are able to maintain our commitment to giving each student access to the specialized and individualized approach to education that has made Colby such a remarkable institution over time