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General Information

All full-time Colby students must either have insurance coverage comparable to the plan offered through the Cross Agency or else they must remain enrolled in the College-offered plan. Details about the required coverage can be found at the Cross Agency site. If their policy meets the coverage requirements, students can opt out of the insurance premium by completing the 2020-2021 online enroll/waive process through Wellfleet.

The premium for the 2020-2021 year has increased to $1,960.00 for coverage from August 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021.  The premium for the spring-only coverage has increased to $1,139.00 for coverage from January 1, 2021 to July 31, 2021.

Students choosing to remain enrolled in the Colby plan offered are also required to complete the online enroll/waive process to affirm their decision to continue with the coverage and avoid receiving reminders to “elect” insurance coverage. A very small number of students may be eligible for financial assistance if they elect coverage AND complete the on-line form.

Frequently asked questions:

If I waive the plan offered by the Cross Agency, may I use the health services on campus?

Medical care for most common illnesses or minor accidents is available in the Health Center whether or not a student chooses the Cross insurance plan or has their own comparable coverage. Physical therapy, alcohol and drug counseling, and psychological counseling are also available by appointment.

If I will not be enrolled at Colby or on a Colby-billed program for the fall but plan to return for the spring semester, do I need to complete the Health Insurance Registration Form?

You do not need to complete the form before the fall, August 1, 2020, deadline. You will need to complete the form before January 1, 2021 if you wish to waive the spring-only enrollment in the Cross plan and not be responsible for the premium fee for coverage beginning January 1, 2020 through July 31, 2021.  If, however, you complete the Registration Form now, certifying that you will have coverage through July 31, 2021, you will not be asked to complete it a second time for the spring.

If my health insurance coverage is through my parent’s employer and that employment ceases, or my parent retires during the year, can I opt for the Plan at that time?

Yes, you may add the Wellfleet plan in such circumstances. You will be charged the entire annual fee. There is no prorated amount for in-semester enrollment.

I’m an International student, who has health insurance coverage under the Colby-billed Health Plan.  If I obtain either a JanPlan or a summer internship in my home country, is my Colby coverage still applicable?

No, it is not applicable.  The Colby-billed plan has an exclusion in which it does not cover loss or provide benefits for International students within the insured person’s Home Country or country of regular domicile.  For the time period of the internship, it will be necessary to either be added to your family’s coverage, if possible, or to obtain other short-duration health coverage at an additional cost to you.

I am an International student with family insurance coverage in my home country.  Will this coverage be acceptable when I attend Colby?

The College has a mandate that all students attending either Colby or a Colby-billed program be insured under either the Colby-billed Health Insurance Plan or have other coverage which is comparable to the Colby-billed plan.  As we are not insurance professionals, we ask that families do the due diligence of reviewing the current Student Health Insurance Brochure and comparing the specifics to their own health plan or the health plan that they may be considering to purchase.  We do have a small number of International students who either have comparable family coverage, or have obtained other coverage which amply covers them in the U.S. and is comparable to Colby’s plan.  This is not the case for the majority of International students, who do find the need to purchase the Colby-billed coverage.  Our recommendation is that you do a thorough review and comparison of the Colby-billed Health Plan versus your own coverage or proposed plan for coverage, making the proper comparisons and asking detailed questions of the provider, to be certain that the option you select will provide health insurance coverage which is both U.S.-based and comparable to the Colby-billed Health Insurance Plan.