Funding Requests:

Club funding requests should be submitted well in advance of the event to the SGA Treasurer, Sam Lee, using the online Funding Request Form above. Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the date of fulfillment. Understand that some requests require follow-up meetings with the Treasurer. The Treasurer and Finance Committee will review the proposal to make a decision and inform the club as soon as possible.  IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM THE SGA TREASURER WITHIN 3 DAYS, PLEASE FOLLOW UP WITH AN E-MAIL.

SGA Basic Budget Protocol, 2019-2020:

Our goal for the year is to help clubs create a budget that is efficient and meets their needs.  The Treasurer and Finance Committee reserve the right to denied or modify any request.  The Treasurer may also help to suggest or secure funds from alternative sources.  Events that are not only beneficial to the club’s members, but also engage the entire campus as well as continue to promote club collaboration are highly encouraged.  If clubs have questions about the funding process, club members are welcome to attend The Treasurer’s office hours.

Important Notes:

1) Proposals should be as detailed as possible in order to streamline the entire process.  Please make sure to include a breakdown of all costs and whether any additional sources of funding can be acquired.

2) If you do not get an email confirming your request was received within 3 days, please contact the Treasurer by email at:

3) The Finance Committee reserves the right to deny any funding request.

4) Reimbursements will not be given for unapproved spending and the original receipt must be submitted to the Treasurer during office hours (otherwise contact the Treasurer to meet another time).

Please contact the SGA Treasurer with any questions about this process.