SGA elections for rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors occur in early to mid-April during the Spring semester.  Information sessions are held by the President, Vice-President, and Parliamentarian a couple of weeks prior to the campaign period to review the election timeline, position responsibilities, campaign guidelines, and overall expectations.  For incoming first-years, elections occur mid- to late September.  Elections for unfilled positions for upperclassmen also occur during this time period.  Similar to the schedule in the spring, information sessions are held before the campaigning period and will be announced via a school-wide email.  The Parliamentarian is in charge of all SGA elections, and any questions pertaining to elections can be sent to Emmanuel Sogunle (

Outside of elected positions are class councils, Executive Board positions, and all-college committees.  Class councils are selected at the beginning of the academic year by the co-presidents.  The application and selection process of class councils lie within the authority of class co-presidents.  If interested, please reach out to your respective class co-presidents for more information!  With respect to Executive Board positions, applications are sent out by the President and Vice-President a week to two weeks after being elected (mid- to late April).  Any questions about the Executive Board can be sent to either Ashlee Guevara ( or Sam Rosenstein (  In terms of all-college committees, the President, Vice-President, and Administrative Chair are in charge of appointing students to these committees at the beginning of the school year.  Some committees are require an application for selection while others are selected through a recommendation process.  Serving on any of these committees will be advertised at the beginning of the academic year.