To help explore Roy Lichtenstein’s early career experimentation with appropriating images from the art world and popular culture, you’re invited to reimagine an iconic work of art of your choosing with the museum’s Art @ Home activity. Share it with @ColbyMuseum through the hashtag #ArtAtHome by Sunday, March 14th for a chance to win a catalogue of the “Roy Lichtenstein: History in the Making, 1948–1960” exhibition and a Pastel Experiments: Create-It Kit! Visit the museum’s website for more information.

The Lunder Institute for American Art is pleased to announce the lineup for the Spring 2021 Lunder Institute Talks series.

The Lunder Institute Talks is a series of live, unscripted hour-long Zoom conversations with scholars and artists who are shaping the field of American art. These conversations bring audiences up close with creative and research processes. Lunder Institute team members and invited guests delve into work in progress, engage with artworks and projects related to the Colby College Museum of Art, and connect these to contemporary questions about art and society.

Closed captioning will be available. 


To learn more and register for any/all of the talks, visit the Lunder Institute’s website!

When: Wednesday, March 10 at 4 PM

Where: Virtual

Experience greater mind-body connection though the museum’s Artful Meditation program. During this session, Jing Ye, a meditation teacher and a counselor at Colby College, will guide participants through a meditation inspired by Ana Mendieta’s Silueta Sangrienta, 1975.

Artful Meditation is part of the Museum’s wellness initiative, Let Art Inspire, all of which are available online through the Museum’s website and Facebook page.

The Colby community can continue their meditative practice with Jing Ye on Mondays and Tuesdays 4–5 p.m. in the Rose Chapel (small room off the main chapel). We invite our larger community to visit Jing’s website for personal one-on-one consultations and corporate retreats.

For questions, please contact Jordia Benjamin. To receive regular updates on Let Art Inspire programs, please sign up for the museum’s wellness initiative newsletter.


When: Saturday, March 6 at 1 PM

Where: Virtual

Practice a series of gentle yoga poses inspired by artworks in the galleries. The museum’s Artful Movements sessions begin with a deeper look at an artwork, followed by yoga and meditation led by Kathleen Leisure Haberstock of School Street Yoga.

In this Artful Movements session, participants will be inspired by Ana Mendieta’s Silueta Sangrienta, 1975, and will explore Fish Pose (Matsyasana).

Artful Movements is part of the Museum’s wellness initiative, Let Art Inspire, all of which are available online through the Museum’s website and Facebook page.

The Waterville and central Maine community can continue their yoga practice at School Street Yoga. Please visit their website for yoga class schedules.

For questions, please contact Jordia Benjamin. To receive regular updates on the Colby Museum of Art’s Let Art Inspire programs, please sign up for our wellness initiative newsletter.

As people are starting to figure out housing, particularly shared spaces, SGA understands that people may be a little frantic with filling rooms and finding people they want to live with. This google sheet is a place where individuals and groups can find people to fill their empty slots and those who want to fill spots can find each other. There are separate tabs within the sheet for Senior Apartments, Alfond Commons, Heights Suites, 5 person suites, and even doubles/triples. We believe this could help with student anxiety about the application process, diversify shared spaces, and make the process less stressful for everyone. We also want to make sure that people are clear this is not an official part of the housing room selection process and it is also up to the individual student to check the sheets and reach out to potential roommates. If you have any questions or concerns about this Google Sheet, please contact Georgia Freeland ( For all official housing-related information please check the housing website. Questions about the official housing process can be directed to

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is hiring for a number of anticipated openings for the Fall. The Admissions Intern position is a full-time position which typically provides 4-7 hours of work per week. They are seeking enthusiastic students who will enjoy engaging with prospective students, families, counselors, and other College visitors. The primary responsibilities of the Admissions Interns include but are not limited to: leading information sessions and tours, greeting and engaging with campus visitors, and answering emails and in-person inquiries about Colby. Secondary responsibilities may include individually leading special projects, working closely with members of the admissions and financial aid team on strategic initiatives, and conducting research or leading outreach efforts to various external partners.


Apply here!


Please contact Abigail St. Johns with any questions.

DavisConnects Summer EdGE and Oak Institute for Human Rights Internship Program


1) DavisConnects is offering remote internships (and in person as conditions allow) with social impact organizations around the world!
Please visit this page for more information including information session dates.

2) The Oak Institute for Human Rights is launching a Human Rights Internship Program which seeks to foster critical reflection, dialogue, and action related to the broad theme of human rights across contexts. The program includes global and US-based internships, significant opportunities for funding, and cohort-based learning via Omprakash EdGE.

Please visit this page for more information.

When: Tuesday, March 2nd, 1-4 PM

Where: Colby Museum of Art



Take a break, at the Museum! Inspired by the artistic journey of Roy Lichtenstein, we have a variety of beginner-artist activities—sketching works of art in the galleries and drawing a still life arrangement with a teaching artist, who can help you learn how to add shading and value to your work. Bring your headphones or earbuds, and listen to jazz music as you visit the exhibition, “Roy Lichtenstein: History in the Making: 1948-2960”; this Student Guide-curated playlist features music that was in the artist’s personal album collection. Enjoy some sweet treats. Take home this month’s Create-It Kit, filled with all the materials you need to experiment with chalk pastels. And, enjoy a Soul-Satisfying Scavenger Hunt—looking for works of art that connect to what you need that day, whether it’s finding a work of art whose beauty takes your breath away or perhaps one that has something to teach you. This program is held on the first Tuesday of each month during the Spring 2021 semester, with different activities at each one, for all of our campus audiences who are part of the testing program.

Limited funding is available from DavisConnects and many other academic departments across campus for Summer 2021 experiences! Apply from March 11 – March 25
You DO NOT need to have a position secured to apply for funding. You just need to base your funding application off of a specific opportunity that you think you’d like to have or one that is in the works.

Applicants who apply on the online funding platform will be automatically considered for the following opportunities:

  • DavisConnects Endowed Funds
  • The Presidential Scholars Opportunity Grant
  • The Ralph J. Bunche Opportunity Grant

After you submit your general application and based on your eligibility, you will also be able to apply directly to the following:

  • Center for the Arts and Humanities Research Grants
  • Center for the Arts and Humanities Paid Internships
  • Compagna-Sennett Student Fellows in Religious Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Economics Department
  • Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs
  • Government Department
  • History Department
  • Linde Packman Lab for Biosciences Innovation
  • Oak Institute for Human Rights

For any remote opportunities, requests for lost wages, housing and food, internet access, and other miscellaneous items will be considered on a case by case basis only, and on demonstration of need.

The application for funding can be accessed through the following page on March 11, 2021. Please view this page now for all funding information and application preparation procedures.

Application Opens: March 11 @ 12:00 AM EST
Application Closes: March 25 @ 11:59 PM EST
Award Notifications: April 9 by 5:00 PM EST
All Post-Acceptance Requirements for Fund Disbursement: May 12 @ 5:00 PM


Application help is available – send questions to Scott Lamer at

When: Saturday, February 20th, from 1 to 3 PM

Where: Virtual

Scan the QR code to join the club fair! Find some fun activities and groups to get involved with for the Spring semester!