A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Colby provides the opportunity for a broad spectrum of careers. The American Sociological Association lists some of these opportunities on its website.

Graduates of the program have found it personally and professionally transformative. Here are some of the things alumni say about what a Colby sociology education did for them:

“Sociology is everywhere – in every profession, in every social interaction, in conflict and in resolution. I would argue that… a major in sociology prepares you for any profession.”

— Events manager

“I am very passionate that sociology is the ideal training for consulting roles.”

— Management consultant

“[T]he law boils down to a very human aspect and understanding and appreciating that is vital… My background in systems of oppression and inequality have led me to very meaningful work.”

— Attorney

“My sociology professors got me fired up about a number of causes that I have been passionate about ever since, including education policy, welfare reform, and social inequality. My interest in and passion about these causes led me to internships in public health and alternative education with teen parents. I’m happy to say that I use the resources I gained from my Colby sociology degree every day.”

— Program manager at a non-profit

“In many ways, a highly-developed sociological eye and the gravitation toward defining situations and context are the most important skills for any intelligence analyst. I’d tell a prospective major that Sociology – not necessarily Government – is the best major if you are interested in careers with the intelligence community, international relations, PR/communications, activism, NGO work, or marketing, among many other things involving social life ‘behind the scenes’.”

— Intelligence analyst

Colby’s new DavisConnects program can help match students with both internship and post-graduation employment opportunities.