Spanish majors are eligible to apply to write a senior honors thesis during their junior year. The senior honors thesis is a year-long independent research project that consists of a substantial and original study of a carefully defined literary, cinematic, or cultural object. Students writing honors theses apply their critical thinking skills to a topic of their choosing and, under the guidance of one of our faculty, produce exciting new research that represents the culmination of their studies at Colby.

Recent Honors Theses

Kaleigh Hoffman ’17, “Franco, Pedro y el género: La influencia de la dictadura en el cine de Pedro Almodóvar” / “Franco, Pedro, and Gender: The influence of the dictatorship in the films of Pedro Almodóvar”

Kiana Kawamura ’17, “Earth, Body, and Spirit: Radical Motherhood and the Female Voice in So Far From God”

Benjamin Lester ’15, “El Camino de Santiago: dos caminos en conflicto”/ “The Camino de Santiago: Two Ways in Conflict”

Kristin Glasheen ’14, “La puerta a Europa: Percepciones de la inmigración en Andalucía”/ “The Gateway to Europe: Perceptions of Immigration in Andalucía”

Amber Ramirez ’14, “Feminicidios en Cd. Juárez: Sombras del evanescente olvido; luces de lucha, fuerza y resistencia”