Given the intercultural and multicultural focus of the Department’s curriculum, majors are strongly advised to spend a semester or academic year studying abroad at the junior level. Students who study abroad will enroll in programs that offer university-level courses in Spanish (not in a language acquisition program). A minimum grade point average of 2.7 is required to retain the Spanish major and for permission to study abroad. All study abroad plans for students majoring in Spanish must be approved in advance by the Spanish major advisor and Department Chair. Eligibility prerequisites for Spanish majors to study abroad include the completion of Spanish 135 and Spanish 231 with a grade of C or better.

The four pre-approved programs in Spain are Colby in Salamanca (Integrated Program), Hamilton in Madrid, Middlebury in Córdoba, and PRESHCO in Córdoba. The six pre-approved programs in Latin America are Brown University CASA in HavanaCIEE in Buenos Aires, Washington University in Santiago de Chile, Middlebury in Montevideo (Uruguay), IFSA-Butler in Lima, and IFSA-Butler in Havana.