Putney Pre-College At Colby College

2023 Sessions: TBA  |  9th – 12th Grade

The Putney Pre-College experience prepares you for that all-important next step into college—both academically and socially. Expand your worldview through travel, meet new people from all over the globe, test-drive potential majors in real-world environments, and explore new interests amid a tight-knit community of supportive peers and instructors.  In addition to attending a variety of stimulating and engaging courses, students can participate in a wide range of exciting social activities, including concerts at the Atlantic Music Festival, pool parties at Colby’s magnificent swimming pool, evening bonfires, and tours of the Colby Museum of Art.

Join a community of motivated and intellectually curious students for one or both sessions of our Pre-College program at Colby College. Choose one seminar per session and take part in engaging discussions and hands-on projects that allow you to explore new interests or dig deeper into existing passions. Get a taste of college life as you become part of an inspiring and supportive community of Putney Pre-College faculty and students.  


2023 Pre-College Seminars

  • A.I., Robotics & Drones
  • Architecture, Design, & Sustainability
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Writing
  • Coastal Ecology & Environmental Science
  • Criminal Law & Justice
  • Farm to Table
  • Film Production & Studies
  • Forensic Science
  • International Relations & Global Studies
  • Photography
  • Politics, Government & Leadership
  • Pre-Med & Biomedical Ethics
  • Psychology
  • Studio Art

A New Partnership

Colby College is proud to partner with Putney Student Travel to present a unique and exciting pre-college experience for distinguished high school students.  Putney Pre-College programs are designed for motivated high school students who are curious and passionate about the world around them and who want to explore college life in a beautiful and safe campus environment.

More Information

For more information, rates, and registration, please visit Putney Pre-College At Colby College


AI, Robotics, & Technology

2023 Sessions: TBA  |  9th – 12th Grade

This summer, dive into the cross-disciplinary field of AI technology at Colby College, home of the Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence.  As the first liberal arts college to offer a cross-disciplinary institute in artificial intelligence, Colby College is pleased to host Putney’s seminar, AI, Robotics, & Technology.  Together with your peers and workshop leaders, focus on the power of AI—coupled with robotics and engineering—to solve real-world problems in economics and finance, healthcare and medicine, environmental conservation, and beyond.  The seminar will feature expert-led seminars, laboratory and makerspace visits, and hands-on experiments.  For more information, visit the Putney Website.