Summer 2022


Summer housing will be available only to Colby student workers, research assistants, and students receiving credit for local internships. Graduated seniors will be housed last.


The deadline for submitting housing forms is Friday, May 6th. Housing is limited, and students submitting forms after the deadline will not receive housing.


The cost of summer housing is $133/Week which is deducted from the student’s biweekly paycheck. This fee includes three daily meals in the dining hall.


Students will be able to move in Thursday, May 26th and housing will be available until 5 pm on Saturday, August 6th.


Housing will be located in Hillside & Heights.
Chem-free housing will be available.


Apply for Housing

Administrative Employment: Colby students may apply for administrative summer jobs by following the instructions HERE. Once you have been hired by a department, and have completed your paperwork with Human Resources you will be contacted about applying for on-campus housing.

Student Research Assistantships: Colby students may apply for summer research assistantships (SRAs) by following the instructions HERE. Once you have been hired by a department, and have completed your paperwork with Human Resources you will be contacted about applying for on-campus housing.

Local Summer Internships: Students participating in local summer internships must receive approval for credit or transcript notation from the career center or Davis Connects in order to apply for housing. Once you are approved, you will receive the housing registration link from your career center advisor.


Move-in and Move-out

Students may only live on campus as long as they are employed and are permitted to move in no sooner than 48 hours before their job starts. Students must move out no later than 48 hours after their job ends or the above-scheduled move-out date, whichever comes first. All students are responsible for supplying Special Programs with accurate move-in and move-out dates in their housing application. Should these dates change at any time, we require written notice of the change by email. Students will be charged for housing at the rate listed above for every day they spend on campus. Official dates of employment, as well as our recorded dates for key pick-up and drop-off, will be used to verify the dates provided by the student for an accurate assessment of housing fees.


Key Pickup and Drop off

Students will be expected to pick up their keys from Special Programs on their scheduled day of arrival and drop them off on their scheduled day of departure. Failure to do so may result in our inability to accurately assess your housing fees and/or result in late key return fees. Students will be charged a fee of $50/key for keys that are not returned by 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 7.


Housing Fees and Payment

Housing fees are typically deducted from the student’s Biweekly paycheck. In the event that fees are not removed from the student’s paycheck, it is the student’s responsibility to notify payroll of the error. Any outstanding fees at the end of the summer will be posted to the student’s Colby account.

Though it is rare, some campus employers cover the cost of housing for their summer workers. Please communicate with your employer before the summer housing session begins to determine if your housing is covered. If Special Programs and the payroll office are not made aware that your housing is covered by your employer, your housing fees will be deducted from your biweekly paycheck. If this occurs, please have your employer send an email to Special Programs and the Payroll office about the issue.


Pre-Board and Post-Board Housing

Special Programs is able to provide housing between the above dates only. All post-board (senior week) and pre-board (after summer housing ends) requests are approved by the Office of Campus Life. Please contact their office for more details.

If you have received permission from Campus Life to remain on campus post-board through senior week, it is possible that you will be asked to move into your summer room on May 25th. Students will be notified if their room becomes available and will be expected to move within 12 hours to ensure all rooms are available for cleaning before the scheduled move-in day.

Only students who receive pre-board permission from Campus Life will be able to remain on campus between the end of summer housing and the fall semester. All other students will be required to move out of their summer rooms by 5:00 pm on Saturday, August 6. Students staying without permission will be fined.

Please read through all available materials before contacting Special Programs with further questions.