Department of the Navy
901 M Street S.E.
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, D.C. 20374-5060
(202) 433-4132

The Naval Historical Center is the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Its lineage dates back to 1800 with the founding of the Navy Department Library by President John Adams. The Center includes a museum, art gallery, research library, archives, and curator as well as research and writing programs.


The Navy Museum: Exhibits relating to U.S. naval history, 1775-present.

Navy Department Library: Collections relating to naval and maritime history.

Operational Archives: U.S. Navy records on operations, policy and strategy, ca. 1939-present, as well as personal papers.

Curator Branch and Photographic Section: Naval artifacts, including uniforms, armament, photographs, and artworks.

Navy Art Collection: Displays and traveling exhibitions on naval combat artists.

Ships History Branch: Histories of individual navy ships, 1775-present.

Naval Aviation History: Documents and collections relating to naval aviation, 1911-present.

Naval Aviation News magazine: Publishes professional magazine for active duty naval aviation personnel.

Early History: Research and writing on U.S. naval history, 1775-1918.

Contemporary History: Research and writing on U.S. naval history, 1945-present.

Underwater Archaeology Branch: Advises on underwater archeology issues.

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