The current global warming/climate change debate has become increasingly complicated due to the corruption of the scientific process. Controversy over the science behind global warming, potential impacts, as well as ways of mitigation are all topics of disagreement, with scientists and nonscientists alike taking their individual stances with respect to these very important issues. Sadly enough, recent allegations that the IPCC, the lead scientific body responsible for providing information regarding global warming science and policy, has misrepresented its findings in order to support the feelings of a small majority has served to intensify the debate, compromising the panel's integrity in the process. Simply put, an environmental threat of such potential magnitude cannot be misrepresented nor misunderstood. Furthermore the scientific method cannot be compromised in an effort to support the position of a specific individual's or group's ideology.

The purpose of this site was to provide a forum to learn about opposing views and dissenting opinions of both scientists and nonscientists, as well as a review of the major historical events concerning greenhouse warming and policy. If this project has served to increase one's understanding of the complexities behind the global warming debate, either through its original material or through external links, then its objective will have been met.

On a lighter note, perhaps the following anecdote, sums up (albeit humorously) the climate debate most properly. Dr. Jerry Mahlman, director of the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab of NOAA at Princeton, N.J. in the August 1999 issue of Popular Science has been quoted as offering 10:1 odds to all takers that human-induced global warming is well underway. In response to his wager, warming contrarian S. Fred SInger offered $100 to his $1000. Quite a sum of money considering the depth of the uncertainties surrounding the debate! As of yet, Dr. Mahlman has not accepted Dr. Singer's offer. We all await eagerly to hear the results.


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