Student Advising and Support

Your success is our priority.


The Dean of Studies Office is here to help

Throughout your time at Colby, we’ll provide the resources you need to thrive. The Dean of Studies Office first begins to support you in the summer before your first semester and continues for your entire time at Colby as you adjust to campus, choose a major, explore new opportunities, develop expertise, and prepare for your post-college life.

Our office includes the College’s program for Student Access and Disability Services as well as your Class Deans. Offering direct mentoring and referrals to partners across campus, your Dean of Studies team is always available to help you troubleshoot challenges, to work with you to develop strategies for achieving your goals, and to ensure your access to the resources and opportunities that create the conditions for your success in the rich intellectual life of this campus.


Student Advising

Class deans will work closely with you to chart your academic experience at Colby. They also collaborate with each other and with your academic advisors, parents, and staff from across the College, to help you sort out any issue that may arise.

Academic Support

College can be challenging. It’s okay to ask for help. In addition to having dedicated advisors, each student has access to additional services to further their academic success.

Access and Opportunity

The best educational environments are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Respectful celebration of difference enriches community dialogue and personal development. As such, a variety of programs support Colby’s rich diversity while promoting student success.