Student Life

Do the things you love.

The Colby Experience

Your life beyond the classroom is an education all its own. There’s no better preparation than living (and learning) in a culturally diverse, intellectual community.

You’ll have ownership here—a voice and a role in steering the Colby experience, whether lending your energy to initiatives and organizations or starting your own. You’ll try new things and find new interests. You’ll deepen your thinking and expand your perspective.

When you step outside, the wonders of Maine will be yours. Whether excelling on the playing field or paddling the Kennebec River, you’ll live in the heart of a beautiful place.

Clubs and Organizations

Most of your life in college is spent outside of class. Keeping campus lively, more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations support a wide range of passions and interests. It’s easy to get involved, and leadership opportunities abound. We provide funding and resources to bring your bold ideas to life. Pursue your passions with vigor and learn from the interests of others.

Healthy, Active Living

While living the life of the mind, our students enjoy exploring the physical world. Many play varsity, club, or intramural sports. Plenty take advantage of our location and outdoor programming to sample Maine’s spectacular natural offerings. Every student begins the Colby experience by embarking on an intensive outdoor adventure with a small group of fellow first-years, building friendships and self-confidence before the fall semester even begins. The outdoors is part of the education here.

Conduct and Accountability

Learning works best in an environment of integrity, trust, and mutual respect. Character is the cornerstone of campus life. Academic honesty enables academic freedom. This is a culture of consent. The expectation of equal treatment and opportunities for all is a given. Most of the rules we live by are straightforward and intuitive, and our helpful student handbook serves as a guide to it all.

Student Government

This is your college. You should have a say in what happens here. Students play a central role in steering and improving the Colby experience. There may be no better way to prepare for the world than learning the ropes of governance and stewarding positive change. Members of Colby’s student government tackle issues pertaining to student life and College policy.