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Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

Brief Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations

Following the tips listed below will help to avoid any problems when you put your presentation on the computer provided in the session room. The presentation should run regardless of the type of computer on which it was created. A preview room on Roberts second floor (signs will be posted) equipped with computer projection capabilities will be available for you to preview your presentation prior to your talk. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to help avoid unexpected problems.

You should bring your presentation on a zip disk to the assigned room before the start of the session so that it can be loaded on to the computer there before the session starts.

  1. Images: Save all images as jpegs before importing them into PowerPoint.
  2. Fonts: Use only the standard system fonts, not the funny ones you downloaded from the web.
  3. Attached Files: Keep movies and others files in the same folder as the presentation. If you need to move the presetation around, move the whole folder. The presentation will find them automatically in that folder.
  4. Computer platform: When making the presentation, if you are on a different computer platform than what you created the presentation on, open PowerPoint first, then open the presentation.
  5. Version: You may want to make sure your presentation is not in a very new version of PowerPoint, in case the session computer has the earlier version. To avoid problems, you can "Save As..." to a lower version (i.e. PowerPoint XP to PowerPoint 2000). And bring this version with you on the zip disk.