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 2003 Symposium

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2003
May 1 & 2, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. Robert Pennock
April 30th, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Poster Sessions

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 2.
    Posters with an ODD poster number in the list below (1, 3, 5, etc.) will be attended on THURSDAY, May 1, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Posters with an EVEN poster number (2, 4, 6, etc.) will be attended on FRIDAY, May 2, from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

1. Jessica A. Kellett ('04) and Julia C. Steele ('03), Science, Technology, and Society
Biodiesel Fuel and the Electric Automobile: The Social, Technical, and Environmental Arguments.
2. Erin Estey ('03) and David Burke ('03), Biology
Mighty Bacteria: The Role of Microorganisms in the Cleanup of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
3. Anna O. Carlson ('03), Alison G. Killelea ('03) and Charles V. Strom ('03), Biology
Isolation and Characterization of Mercury and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria from the Governor Hill Hatchery, Augusta, Maine
4. Nicholas O. Markham ('04), Biology
Isolation and Characterization of Mercury Resistant Bacteria From Trout and Sediment Samples of the Governor Hill Fish Hatchery in Augusta, ME.
5. Erin Estey ('03), Melanie Newton ('03), Paul Mathewson ('03) and Serena Vayda ('03), Biology
Lake Water Quality and Possible Remediation Techniques for Webber Pond, Kennebec County, Maine
6. William S. McCloy ('03), Christopher A. Makarewich ('03), Lauren E. Bliss ('03) and Madeleine M. Mineau ('03), Biology
Assessment of the Webber Pond Watershed Using a Geographic Information System (GIS)
7. William S. McCloy ('03) and Lauren E. Bliss ('03), Biology
Analysis of Land Use Patterns and Lake Water Quality in Central Maine Using Remote Sensing and a Geographic Information System (GIS)
8. Sarah Brown ('03), Andrew Drummond ('05) and Andrew McKenna-Foster ('04), Biology
Using a Geographic Information System (GIS) as a Tool for Land Use Change Analysis at Colby College in Waterville, Maine.
9. Justin E. Ossolinski ('03), Geology
An Investigation of the Seasonal Hydrogeochemical Dynamics of a Complex Wetland in Central Maine
10. Eleanor Boyce ('03), Brian Foley ('04), Eric Roy ('04), Lorraine Beane ('04), Robin Nesbeda ('04) and Stanislav Presolski ('05), Geology
An Investigation of the Geology, Geochemistry, and Environmental Effects of the Harborside Mine on Cape Rosier, Maine
11. Eleanor Boyce ('03), Geology
Petrologic Investigations of the Sloko Group Volcanics, Juneau Icefield, Northern British Columbia
12. Robert W. Selover ('04), Geology
Estuarine Macrofossils From The Trout Vally Formation In The Northeast Corner of Baxter State Park
13. Robert W. Selover ('04), Geology
Geophysics and The Growth of the Oil Industry: A Comprehensive Look Into Technological Development And Its Role In Society
14. Christopher J. Becker ('03), Geology
An Exploration of The Mineralogy Along The Ultramafic - Mafic Contact of The Southern Moxie Pluton, Maine
15. Jonathan Allen ('03), Geology
A Sedimentologic and Plant Taphonomic Evaluation of the Early Middle Devonian Trout Valley Formation, Maine
16. Amy Lansdale ('03), Geology
A Hydrogeochemical Analysis of a Contaminated Industrial Site
17. Amity Burr ('03), Chemistry
DNA-Binding Studies of Potential Anticancer Dirhodium Acetate Compounds
18. Elizabeth Frederick ('03), Chemistry
S-RNase Gene Synthesis and Expression in Escherichia coli
19. Szymon Mikulski ('05), Chemistry
Determination and Optimization of Calcium and Phosphorus Content of Captive Bird Diets
20. Christopher P. Blomberg ('04), Biology
Automated Extraction and Analysis of Primers from Sequence Data.
21. Mahdi W. Bseiso ('04), Computer Science
Database Search for N-tuple Nucleotide Repeats in the Human Genome
22. David A. Cohen ('04) and Sarah E. Pierce ('03), Computer Science
Using Genetic Algorithms to Improve Genefinders
23. Deborah Doberne ('03), Biology
The Effects of Selection on the Gene G6PD in Drosophila
24. Andrew G. Harnett ('03) and Evan P. McGee ('03), Biology
Secondary Structure Protein Folding In Silico
25. Michelle J. Keady ('03) and Christopher C. Sotzing ('04), Biology
Finding Evidence of Selection for the BRCA1 Tumor Suppressor Gene
26. Daniel P. Morrison ('03) and Kevin J. Septor ('04), Biology
Tissue-specific Tissue Analysis Suggests Increased EST Library Contamination
27. Sarah E. Pierce ('03), Mathematics
Discrimination Between Gravity and Linear Acceleration by Neurons with Both Linear and Angular Input From the Inner Ear
28. Kristin Schaefer ('04), Psychology
An Investigation of the Possible Biological Basis of Autistic Behavior
29. Stephanie Tat ('03), Biology
Male Vocalization and Territoriality of a Brazilian Treefrog, Hyla faber
30. Kristin Larson ('03), Felipe Bandoni de Oliveira, Heather Reid ('03) and Kelly Martin ('03), Biology
The Effect of Male-male Interaction on Calling Behavior in the Brazilian Treefrog, Scinax perpusillus
31. Jenna Morrison ('06), Biology
The Foraging Behavior of Butterflies on Bougainvillea
32. Emily L. Weiser ('04), Biology
Kirk's Dik-dik In Tanzania: A Study of Territory Characteristics of A Dwarf Antelope
33. Paul D. Mathewson ('03) and Erin C. Estey ('03), Biology
The Diversity and Conservation of the World's Mammal Species

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