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 2006 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2006
May 3-5, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. Robert D. Bullard
May 1, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Poster Sessions

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They wil l be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m. on Thursday or Friday, May 4 and 5.
    Posters with an ODD poster number in the list below (1, 3, 5, etc.) will be set up and attended on THURSDAY, May 4, from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Posters with an EVEN poster number (2, 4, 6, etc.) will be set up and attended on FRIDAY, May 5, from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

1. Kali Abel ('07), Biology
Effects of Varying Light Cycles and Temperature on Activity Levels in Mediterranean Geckos: A Look Into Endogenous Clocks
2. Lauren Baard ('08), Biology
Differential Habituation of Male Betta splendens to Qualitatively Different Stimuli
3. Jonathan Ashcroft ('06), Biology
LPS and Environmental Stress as Factors that Affect Male Mate Selection in Mice
4. Tara Bergin ('07), Biology
Predator Survival Tactics and Use of Habitat Cover in Rana catesbeiana
5. Jonathan Ashcroft ('06), Biology
Antimicrobial Properties of Skin Secretions from the Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis) on Endemic Bacteriological Isolates
6. Rachel Carr ('06), Caroline Polgar ('06) and Jakob Moe ('06), Biology
The Impact of Land Use Patterns and Watershed Characteristics on China Lake, Kennebec County, ME
7. Kelly Bakulski ('07) and Jennifer Mizen ('08), Biology
Transmission of Frog Calls Through Different Habitats: A Test of the Environmental Selection Hypothesis
8. Sharon McMonagle ('06) and Bethany Peck ('06), Biology
Lake Water Quality Analysis and Possible Remediation Techniques for China Lake, Kennebec County, Maine
9. Daniel Breen ('06), Biology
Effects of Feeding Interval and Meal Size on the Specific Dynamic Action of the Cuban Tree Frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis)
10. Colby Souders ('07), Biology
Responses to Playback Calls in a Brazilian Treefrog: Scinax rizibilis
11. Sarah Clark ('08), JaeHee Yun ('08) and Justin Guay, Biology
The Isolation and Characterization of Multiply Antibiotic Resistant Strains of Fish Pathogenic Flavobacterium Species
12. Aaron Bradford ('07), Chemistry
Effects of Carbamoylation from Anticancer Sulfonylhydrazines on Homologous Recombination DNA Repair
13. Cadran Cowansage ('08), Biology
Screening of Microsatellites for Estimation of Selfing Rates in Witheringia solanacea
14. Hui Kim ('06), Chemistry
Synthesis and Structure of Novel Polyphenylene Macrocycles
15. Michael Fleming ('06), Biology
Do Brown Anoles, Anolis sagrei, Have Dear Enemies?
16. Rami Zahran ('06), Chemistry
Epichlorohydrin Cross-Linking of Synthetic DNA Oligomers
17. Michael Fleming ('06), Biology
Risk-Sensative Foraging in Maine Woodland Rodents
18. Anna Barnwell ('08), Courtney Larson ('08) and Ryan Scott ('07), Environmental Studies
Are Debt-for-Nature Swaps an Effective Conservation Strategy?
19. Malcolm Itter ('07), Biology
An Observational Study of Cavity Nest Site Selection in Black-capped Chickadees (Poecile atricapillus)
20. Sandy Beauregard ('06), Jennifer Venezia ('06) and Scott Shahverdian ('06), Environmental Studies
Ecotourism in Developing Countries
21. Spencer Koury ('06), Biology
Barbering: A Behavioral Expression of Dominance and Aggression In Caged Mice (Mus musculus)
22. Caitlin Cleaver ('06), Caroline Polgar ('06), Liza Mitchell ('08) and Samuel Weeks ('06), Environmental Studies
Feasibility of the Reintroduction of Wolves (Canis lupus lycaon) in Maine: A GIS Study
23. Spencer Koury ('06), Biology
Genetic Basis for Self Compatibility in Witheringia solanacea (Solanaceae)
24. Sarah Kelly ('06) and Scott Shahverdian ('06), Environmental Studies
Solar Panel Modeling on Suitable Roofs at Colby
25. Spencer Koury ('06), Biology
Efficient Energy Allocation in Foraging: A Two Model Study in the Role of Learning
26. Hilary Langer ('06), Karen Prisby ('07) and Rachel Terry ('07), Environmental Studies
Prioritizing Land Purchases for the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance
27. Meredith Lowmaster ('06), Biology
Influence of Body Size on Stress-Induced Color Change in the Green Anole (Anolis carolinensis)
28. Sharon McMonagle ('06), Alaina Clark ('08) and Jenna Morrison ('06), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reef Ecosystems
29. Amanda McGarry ('07), Biology
A Genomic Approach to Detecting Salinity-Mediated Zinc Transporter Regulation in the Euryhaline Green Crab, Carcinus maenas
30. Alexander McPherson ('07), Environmental Studies
Developing a Model for Pedestrian Route Selection at Colby
31. Jenny Mooney ('06), Andrew Johnson ('06), Ethan Payne ('06) and Virginia Raho ('07), Biology
Population Estimate of Deer Mice, Peromyscus maniculatus, in the Forest Types of Perkins Arboretum
32. Bethany Peck ('06), Alexandra Jospe ('06) and Emily Sinnott ('08), Environmental Studies
The Effects of Climate Change on Polar Bears
33. Erin Parry ('06) and Kimberly Mukerjee ('06), Biology
Mercury Resistance in a Multi-Drug Resistant Strain of the Fish Pathogen, Aeromonas salmonicida
34. Katherine Renwick ('07), Charles Carroll ('08) and Liza Mitchell ('08), Environmental Studies
Gray Wolf Reintroduction in the Greater Yellowstone Area
35. Rachel Terry ('07), Biology
The Effects of the Herbicide Atrazine on Male Fiddler Crab (Uca spp.) Territory Defence and Aggression
36. Katherine Renwick ('07), Environmental Studies
A Spatial Analysis of Impervious Surfaces at Colby College in 1965 and 2006
37. Rachel Terry ('07), Biology
Restraint Stress and Aggression in Familiar Mice (Mus musculus)
38. Jacqueline Rolleri ('06), Environmental Studies
Spatial Analysis of Colby College Trails: Perkins Arboretum and Runnals Hill
39. Tenzin Tsewang ('07), Biology
Overexpression and Purification of the Oat (Avena fatua) protein AFN1 and Construction of a pMAL/AFN1 expression plasmid
40. Christopher Russoniello ('06), Gregory LaShoto ('07), Randa Capponi ('06) and Sharon McMonagle ('06), Environmental Studies
Estimating the Impact of Catastrophic Sea Level Rise in Maine
41. Elizabeth Turner ('06), Emily McClure ('07) and Emily Mosites ('06), Biology
Isolation and Characterization of Mercury and Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Strains from Atlantic Salmon, Salmo salar
42. Kerry Whittaker ('08), Joel Alex ('08) and Sarah Hoskinson ('06), Environmental Studies
What is the Role of Seed Banks in Preserving Biodiversity?
43. Natalie Wayne ('06), Biology
Preparation for Protein Expression Studies on the Wheat Grain PKABA1-Interacting Protein TaWD40
44. Adam Atkinson-Lewis ('06), Geology
Prediction Surface Mapping and Analysis of Carbon Dioxide Flux and Surface Temperature and Comparison with Alteration Zones on Eldfell Volcano Cone, Iceland
45. Victoria Work ('08) and Lee Kozakiewicz ('07), Biology
Microbial Mercury and Antibiotic Resistance in the Soil Systems of Avery Peak, Maine
46. Lora Golann ('06), Geology
The Skeleton in Maine's Closet: Controversy Surrounding the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
47. Courtney Zecher ('06), Biology
Pilot Analysis of Gray Fox, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC)
48. Lindsay Masters ('06), Geology
Using Geochemical Alteration of Seafloor Basalts as a Proxy for Fluid Flux through the Ocean Crust
49. Courtney Zecher ('06), Biology
Monitoring the Healing Time of Baitfish with Skin Ulcerations Using Fluorescein
50. Theodore McDermott ('06), Geology
Analysis of Soil Potential for Future Development: Waterville and Oakland, Maine
51. Aynara Chavez-Munoz ('09) and none DCE account, Chemistry
Expression and Purification of Human DNA Polymerase Beta as a Target for Anti-Cancer Sulfonylhydrazines
52. Christopher Russoniello ('06), Geology
Seasonal Fluid Flux Through the Serpentine Bog, Belgrade Lakes Region, Maine
53. Daniel Fowler ('06), Chemistry
Investigating the Mechanism of a Novel Ribosomal RNA Degradation Pathway
54. Samuel Weeks ('06), Geology
Analysis and Interpretation of a Triassic-aged Reef Complex, Wallowa Terrane, Northeastern Oregon
55. Katherine Curtis ('06), Geology
Using Historic Climatological Data to Determine the Hydrologic Seasons in a Small Watershed
56. Garry Bertholf ('06), Music
If Lester Leapt Into Schenkerian Analysis
57. John Goss ('06), Geology
Monitoring Surface Displacement of the Colby Green Retaining Pond Dams
58. Gjergji Gaqi ('07), Music
Form and Structure in Second Movements of Beethoven's Sonatas : A Schenkerian Analysis of the Adagio from Sonata Op.31 No.2 'Tempest'
59. Chad Stecher ('08), Mathematics
Analysis of a Proxy of Suicidal Ideation in the Maine Youth Drug and Alcohol Use Survey/Youth Tobacco Survey
60. Barbara Hough ('06), Music
Schenkerian Analysis of the Allegro Movement from Bach's Flute Sonata in E Major
61. Gabrielle Adams ('06) and Steen Sehnert ('06), Psychology
Remorse and the Circumstances Surrounding Crime
62. Stephen Planas ('06), Music
'A Schenkerian Analysis of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8, 2nd Movement'
63. Gabrielle Adams ('06), Psychology
Compensation in the Context of Reparations
64. B. Pruitt ('06), Music
An die Musik
65. Alan Chang ('06), Adam Rafsky ('06) and Christine Maloney ('07), Psychology
Vividness and The Dilution Effect
66. Ryland Brooks ('07), Physics and Astronomy
Images and Spectra at Mid-Infrared Wavelengths of the High-Mass Star-Forming Complex W3
67. Chelsea McCann ('07), Kristen Russell ('06) and Michael Dieffenbach ('07), Psychology
Ego Depletion, Control, and Their Effects on Intrinsic Motivation
68. Lent Johnson ('07), Physics and Astronomy
Challenges in Radiative Transfer Modeling - W3 IRS5
69. Jessica Seymour ('06) and Elizabeth Wyckoff ('06), Women, Gender, Sexuality
The Perceptions and Realities of Pornography on Colby College Campus
70. Gillian Butsch ('06), Cassie Green ('06), Lauren Erickson ('06) and Melissa Crawford ('06), Psychology
Terror Management Theory and Belief in an Afterlife
72. Benjamin Crane ('06) and Steen Sehnert ('06), Psychology
Up-Regulation and American Nationalism in Collegiate Athletes
74. Cheryl Hahn ('08), Psychology
Gender Differences in the Effects of Social Context on Emotional Responding
76. Margaret Jackson ('06), Daniel Osar ('06) and Kathryn Rooney ('06), Psychology
Upregulation of Sadness During Films: A Self-Report Analysis
78. Marissa Meyer ('07), Danielle Preiss ('07), Katherine Lillehei ('07), Monica Phillips ('07) and Raven Adams ('08), Psychology
Evaluation of Immune Cell Infiltration After Spinal Cord Injury in the Guinea Pig
80. Rebecca Reisman ('06) and Meredith Stauffer ('06), Psychology
Overconfidence After Exposure to Misleading Post-Event Information

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