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COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2006 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2006
May 3-5, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. Robert D. Bullard
May 3, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Research Presentations
Thursday, May 4  
Gender Studies
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Mary Beth Mills
11:00 am Laura Snider ('06), Anthropology
  Travesti Rights are Human Rights
11:15 am Stephanie Atwood ('06), Anthropology
  To Be a Good Italian Woman
11:30 am Jamie Manzer ('06), Anthropology
  Denaturalizing Sex Binaries: Professional Women Officials Transgressing Gender Boundaries
11:45 am Jane Lee ('06), Anthropology
  Status and Gender in Korea
Religion and World War II
Lovejoy 344
Session Chair: Debra Campbell
11:00 - 12:15  
  Robert Rosenbaum ('07)
  The Third Reich Church
  Ryan Ahearn ('07)
  The Khalsa in World War II
  Jen McAleer ('07)
  Resistance in the Nazi Government and Army
Cell Cycle and Cancer
Olin 234
Session Chair: Paul Greenwood
1:00 PM  
  Erin Schlossman ('07)
  Ewing’s Sarcoma and Possible Gene Therapies Involving EWS/FLI-1 and CD99
  Alexander White ('07)
  The Genetics of Prostate Cancer
  Carolyn Litty ('06)
  Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Incidence, Biological Features, and Treatments
  Peter Steinour ('07)
  Glioblastoma multiforme: Hope for Pacification
  Nichol Penna ('06)
  Synovial Cell Sarcoma: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Case Study
General Session
Smith Room
Session Chair: Mark Serdjenian
1:00-3:30 PM  
1:00 pm Sara Booth ('06)
  Human Trafficking, Immigration, and Prostitution in Italy
1:45 pm Adil D'Sousa ('06)
  The Family Novel in the Emerging Nation-State: A Comparative Study of Ba Jin's Jia and Lev Tolstoy's Anna Karenina
2:15 pm Hye Kim ('08)
  Was Handel a Plagiarist?
2:30 pm Jonathan Bastian ('06)
  Logical Liberation: Perspectives from the East and West
3:00 pm Kathryn Lidington ('06)
  Variation in Beach Profiles and Sediment Characteristics at Popham Beach, Phippsburg, ME
3:15 pm Elizabeth Mollo-Christensen ('06)
  Potential Effects of Deep-Ocean Carbon Dioxide Sequestration on Foraminifera
Research in Japanese Fiction
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Tamae Prindle
1:00-3:00 PM  
1:00 pm Morgan Manoff ('08), East-Asian Studies
  The Confessional Hero of the 'Temple of the Golden Pavilion'
1:20 pm Liza Mitchell ('08), East-Asian Studies
  Secrecy, Sexuality and the Covert Feminine Power in 'Masks'
1:40 pm James Luckenbill ('08), East-Asian Studies
  Botchan's Transformation in Accordance with Justice
1:45 pm Katherine MacBain ('06), East-Asian Studies
  Reality and Liminal Space in Murakami Haruki's 'Dance Dance Dance'
2:00 pm John Kester ('08), East-Asian Studies
  Silence in Silence: The Titular Significance of Shusako Endo's Novel
2:15 pm Alexander Connors ('08), East-Asian Studies
  Narrative Structure in Kenzaburo O롯s A Personal Matter: Hierarchy of Chatman¡¯s ¡°Kernels¡± and ¡°Satellites,¡± Suspense and Surprise
General Session
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Toni Katz
2:00-4:00 PM  
2:15 pm Erin Rhoda ('06)
  Let Us Now Praise Famous Women
2:45 pm Erica Dorpalen ('06)
  Carry Emptiness: The Ecology and Zen Buddhism of Gary Snyder's Poetry
3:00 pm Christabel Kwabi ('06)
  An Evaluation of the Ghanaian Education System
3:15 pm Emily Brostek ('06)
  “The Kind of Person I Am:” Reassessing the Aims of Community Service and Its Impact on College Students Through Identity Development
Advanced Topics in Environmental Economics
Miller 319
Session Chair: Thomas Tietenberg
2:30 - 3:45 PM  
  Charles Reed ('06)
  Insurance and the Management of Environmental Risk: The Case of Climate Change
  Emilia Tjernström ('06)
  Co-management of Natural Resources: Evaluating the Concepts and Empirical Evidence from Protected Areas
Honors Projects in American Studies
Hurd Room
Session Chair: Margaret McFadden
3:15-5:45 PM  
3:00 pm Kara Fagan ('06)
  From Ball of Fire to Cattle Queen: Gender and Class in The Films of Barbara Stanwyck
3:15 pm Emily Judem ('06)
  Off the Tracks
3:45 pm Katherine Hamm ('06)
  Why Do Men Hate Ani DiFranco? The Connection Between Women Rock Musicians and the Image of Feminism
4:00 pm Christina Terrell ('06)
  The Racialization of Female Body Image Perception in the United States
4:15 pm Jairus Steed ('06)
  Blue-eyed Soul in the 21st Century: African-American Influence on Popular American Music
Research in Economics
Smith Room
4:00 pm Alexandra Funk ('06), Economics
  The Adequacy of Health Care Services for the Elderly in China
4:20 pm Michael Poplaski ('07), Economics
  Econometrically Modelling Alumni Giving to Colby and Other NESCAC Schools
4:40 pm Brian Tierney ('06), Economics
  Religion and Happiness among China's Oldest-Old
5:00 pm Jonathan Wong ('06), Economics
  Analyzing the Determinants of Obesity in Maine
New Studies in American and European History: Senior Honors Theses
Whitney Room
Session Chair: Paul Josephson
4:00-6:00 PM  
4:00 pm Jonathan Ashcroft ('06), History
  British and French Intelligence on the “German Question” and the Growth of Pacifist Movements
4:20 pm Timothy Stenovec ('06), History
  The Taking of Mayflower Hill: the Vietnam Antiwar Movement at Colby College
4:40 pm Julia Malkin ('06), History
  From Private Protest to Public Philosophy: The Democratic Society of Pennsylvania and the Election of 1800
5:00 pm Courtney Kubilis ('06), History
  Space Age Learning: Education Reform in the USSR and USA in the Age of Sputnik
5:20 pm Katie Fuller ('06), History
  Spinners and Losers: Lewiston's Irish and French-Canadian Immigrants 1850-1930

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