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COLBY COLLEGE Research SymposiumStudent Research Opportunities
 2007 Program

Research Symposium

Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium 2007
May 2-4, Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Keynote Address - Dr. William Freudenburg
May 2, 7:30 pm Olin 1

Poster Sessions - Robins Room, Roberts

PLEASE NOTE - Posters will be set up before 12 noon on the day assigned and taken down between 5 and 6 PM on the same day. They wil l be on display for one day only. Posters will be attended by the authors from 12 noon to 2:00 p.m.

Posters #1-28 include presentations from students in Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, and Sociology and will be presented on Wednesday.
Posters #29 - 62 include presentations from students in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Economics and will be presented on Thursday.
Posters #63 - 99 include presentations from students in Environmental Studies and Geology and will be presented on Friday.

---- Cedric Owens ('07), Chemistry
Copper(1) Complexes with a NS2macrocyclic Ligand Bearing Various Aryl Groups
1. Lent Johnson ('07), Physics and Astronomy
Planetary Nebulae in M82: Kinematic and Photometric Analysis
2. Margaret Martei ('07) and Anders Wood ('07), Physics and Astronomy
3. Arturs Vrublevskis ('07), Physics and Astronomy
Constrained Hamiltonian Analysis of Vector Theories with Spontaneous Lorentz Violation
4. Kathryn Bartholomew ('07), Psychology
Decreasing Cognitive Stress through Exposure to Natural Scenery
5. Kelly Brooks ('09) and Catherine Stieglitz ('09), Psychology
Implicit and Explicit Attitudes toward Female Appearance Standards
6. Lindsay Carlson ('07), Psychology
The Neurobiology of Addiction
7. Lana Ciociolo-Hinkell ('09), Emily Schofield ('09) and Guy Sack ('09), Psychology
Mere Exposure & Dilution: Which has a greater influence over liking?
8. Stacey Dubois ('08) and Adrian Gilmore ('07), Psychology
Reducing Stereotype Threat Improves the Metamemorial Judgments of Older Adults on a DRM Task
9. Natalie Ginsburg ('07), Psychology
Levels of Processing of Paired Associates and Retroactive Interference
10. Nina Gold ('09) and Carrie Potter ('09), Psychology
Accepting Help When It Is Offered: An Investigation of Social Role Theory in College-Age Men and Women
11. Madison Gregor ('09) and Mary Snediker ('09), Psychology
The Conflict in Female Athletes: Does Observer Gender and/or Athletic Orientation Affect Athletic Performance?
12. Jessie Guild ('08), Danielle Preiss ('07) and Pamela Dudley ('08), Psychology
The Effect of Imagined Social Presence on Emotional Responding
13. Cheryl Hahn ('08), Casey Lynch ('09) and Megan Dean ('09), Psychology
Lasting Lover or Fleeting Fling: The Effect of Desired Relationship Length on the Extent to which Others' Opinions Matter
14. Cheryl Hahn ('08), Psychology
Gender Differences in the Effects of Social Context on Emotional Responding
15. Kaitlin Hanley ('07), Alexander Shafer ('07), Ira Panova ('07) and Logan Berg ('08), Psychology
Ego Depletion and Control Motivation in a Self-Presentational Context
16. Margaret Hayes ('09), Ana Jijon ('09) and Carla Jacobs ('09), Psychology
Would You Flirt to Get What You Want Out of a Man?: Women, Benevolent Sexism and Power Relations
17. Lauren McClurg ('09), Kirstin Miller ('09) and Veronica Romero ('09), Psychology
Power as a Threat
18. Alexandra Morrison ('07), Psychology
Congruence of Embedded Study Question and Test Question Type and its Impact on Anxiety Levels and Reading Comprehension Test Performance
19. Charlotte Morse-Fortier ('08), Kristen-Marie Ortiz ('09) and Mollie Kimmel ('09), Psychology
The Effects of Regulatory Fit On Ego Depletion
20. Ira Panova ('07), Psychology
Homeschooling: Is It Becoming Traditional Form of Education?
21. Paula Pelavin ('07), Psychology
A Meeting of East and West: Can Eastern-Influenced Therapies be Used as a Treatment for Mood Disorders?
22. Monica Phillips ('07), Psychology
Test Anxiety and Its Correlation with Poor Examination Performance
23. Katherine Price ('07), Psychology
The Impact of Post Event Information on Eyewitnesses
24. Amy Reynolds ('09), Hanna Schenk ('09) and Kelsey O'Brien ('09), Psychology
The Influence of Gender and Facial Appearance on Voting Practices
25. Alexander Shafer ('07), Psychology
Brain-Activation Comparison in Musicians vs. Non-Musicians
26. Caroline Voyles ('08), Christina Evriviades ('08) and Megan Smith ('09), Psychology
The Influence of Social Contexts on Gender Expression
27. Robert Zondervan ('07), Psychology
Don't Supersize Me: A Comparison of Three Anti-Obesity Drugs’ Efficacy in Obese Zucker Rats
28. Jui Shrestha ('07), Sociology
Seeking Modernity: The Growth of Shopping Centers in the city center of Kathmandu, Nepal
29. Kelly Bakulski ('07) and Zachary Zalinger ('09), Biology
Antimicrobial Properties of Two Purified Skin Peptides from the Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis).
30. Jacqueline Beaupre ('08) and Timothy Miller ('08), Biology
The Concentration-dependant Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on X-organ Neuron Growth in Fiddler Crab, U. pugliator.
31. Kathryn Bizier ('08), Biology
Exploring Optimal Foraging Strategies in Woodpeckers
32. Aynara Chavez-Munoz ('08) and Jennifer Myers ('09), Biology
Studying the effects of chronic and acute stress on neurogenesis in cluster 10 and olfactory lobes of Fiddler crabs (Uca pugnax)
33. Cadran Cowansage ('08), Biology
Microsatellite Screening for Estimation of Selfing Rates in Witheringia solanacea
34. Sharon Fuller ('08) and Caitlin Rumrill ('08), Biology
Using Genetic Analysis to Track the Spread of Tick-Borne Diseases in Maine
35. Julia Germaine ('07), Biology
Phylogeography and Demographic History of Gray Foxes, Urocyon cinereoargenteus
36. Cheryl Hahn ('08), Biology
Social Cues and Their Effect on the Development of Learned Helplessness in Mice
37. Katharine Harmon ('09), Biology
Transcription Targets of D-Pax2 Activity in Drosophila Sensory Systems.
38. Kelsey Hilton ('08), Biology
Development of Microsatellite Primers in the Anemone Species Metridium Senile
39. Kristina Langenborg ('09), Brittany Thomas ('10) and Zachary Zalinger ('09), Biology
Effects of Environmental Conditions on Class-1 Integron Mediated Horizontal Gene Transfer in Aeromonas Salmonicida
40. Jonathan Lefcheck ('09), Biology
The Movement of the Gastropod Littorina littorea in the Intertidal Zone During the Onset of Winter
41. Kate Ludwig ('08), Biology
Measuring Ultrasonic Communication Between Mouse Pups and Adult Mother Mice
42. Jennifer Moody ('07), Aaron Olcerst ('07) and Leslie Wardwell ('08), Biology
Characterization of the Pervasiveness of Mercury and Antibiotic Resistance Due to Co-selection Using Population Studies of Sphagnum Core Samples Dating Back 2000 Years
43. Katherine Renwick ('07), Alexandra Sadanowicz ('08), Claire Thompson ('08), Genevieve Dubuque ('07) and Rosalind Becker ('08), Biology
Small Mammal Assemblages under Urban Influence in Central Maine
44. Sarah Smiley ('07), Biology
Transcriptional Regulation of D-Pax2 in Drosophila External Sensory Organs.
45. Tenzin Tsewang ('07), Biology
Characterization of AFN1, a gene associated with cereal grain germination
46. Kyla Wagman ('07), Biology
Size Distribution, Growth Rate, and Condition Factor of Negaprion brevirostris in Coastal Habitats of South Caicos, British West Indies
47. Emily Wilson ('08), Biology
A Pollen Chase Experiment; Examining Varying Levels of Embryonic Inbreeding Depression
48. Victoria Work ('08), Biology
Characterization of the Antibiotic and Mercury Resistance Capabilities of Bacterial Strains Isolated from Soils of Avery Peak, Maine
49. JaeHee Yun ('08), Biology
Transformation of merA Genes and Antibiotic Resistance among Gram-negative Bacteria
50. W. Crannell ('08), Chemistry
Selective Synthesis of Oxacalix[6]arenes and Mixed Oxacalix[4]arenes
51. Marguerite Davis ('07), Chemistry
Inhibition of Human DNA Polymerase-β by Cloretazine, a Novel Anticancer Drug
52. Erin McGowan ('08), Chemistry
Native Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis Assessment of DNA Bending upon Diepoxybutane and Epihalohydrin Cross-linking
53. Cassandra Newell ('08), Chemistry
Ion-Pairing and Molecular Recognition
54. Adam Newman ('07), Chemistry
Quantitative PCR Suggests Preferential Nuclear DNA Alkylation by Epichlorohydrin in the Chicken Genome
55. Ta-Chung Ong ('07), Chemistry
Photochemical production of micromolar superoxide standards in aqueous solution.
56. Douglas Rooke ('08), Chemistry
Synthesis of Caged and Para-Linked Oxacalixarenes
57. Michelle Starr ('07), Chemistry
Potential DNA Binding Boron Neurton Capture Therapy: Carborane-tethered Polyamines
58. Megan Watts ('08), Chemistry
Quantitative PCR Methods for Assessing Epichlorohydrin Damage within Chicken Erythroid Cells
59. Jennifer Murphy ('07), Economics
Interest-Free Banking, Plus Interest?: A Study of Islamic Banking in Pakistan
60. Bridge Mellichamp ('07), Mathematics
Artificial Neural Network for Dynamical Motion
61. Brianna Tufts ('07), Mathematics
Animation of Humans' Perception of Self Motion
62. Arturs Vrublevskis ('07), Mathematics
Perceived Self-motion During Acceleration and Deceleration in a Centrifuge
63. Kali Abel ('07) and Newton Krumdieck ('07), Environmental Studies
Attempts on the South Pole: A Geographic Look at the Factors Contributing to Success or Failure in Early Antarctic Exploration
64. Kali Abel ('07), Environmental Studies
Competition in the Great Barrier Reef: A Field Study of Two Territorial Damselfish Species, Lizard Island, Australia
65. Kali Abel ('07), Environmental Studies
Invasive Species Analysis and Public Education, Reynolds Forest, Sidney, Maine
66. Andrew Adelfio ('07) and Dylan Harrison-Atlas ('07), Environmental Studies
Modeling Potential Ski Resort Development in Montana Using Geographic Information Systems
67. Kelly Bakulski ('07), Environmental Studies
Environmental Health Screening Using GIS
68. Anna Barnwell ('08) and Katherine Klepinski ('08), Environmental Studies
69. Sarah Bartels ('08) and Timothy Brown ('07), Environmental Studies
The Human Health Effects of Pesticides on Maine Communities
70. Elizabeth Benson ('07) and Dylan Harrison-Atlas ('07), Environmental Studies
Human Health Impacts of Contaminants Found in Local Drinking Water Supply
71. Elizabeth Benson ('07) and Ryan Scott ('07), Environmental Studies
Analysis of Optimum Location, Viability, and Potential Effects of Wind Farm Construction in Maine
72. Caitlin Blodget ('07) and Courtney Chilcote ('09), Environmental Studies
Personal Care Products: The Effects of Phthalates, Parabens and Fragrances on Human Health
73. Emma Carlson ('08) and Kathryn Bartholomew ('07), Environmental Studies
Agriculture and Us: an Assessment of the Health Impacts of Organic Produce in Central Maine
74. Caitlin Casey ('09) and Patrick Roche ('09), Environmental Studies
Lead and Human Health in Maine: Is It Still a Problem?
75. Eva Farina-Henry ('07), Environmental Studies
Revisiting the Oregon Trail
76. Rachel Freierman ('09), Environmental Studies
The Economic Effects of Ski Resorts on Maine Communities
77. Eitan Green ('09), Environmental Studies
Predicting Rock and Ice Fall on the Disappointment Clever on Mount Rainier: A Model for Increasing Safety on Future Routes
78. Julie Hike ('07) and Alisa Perry ('07), Environmental Studies
Global and Local Human Health Implications of Global Climate Change
79. Lent Johnson ('07), Environmental Studies
Mississippi River Flood Control: A Priority Analysis using GIS
80. Jamie Kline ('07), Environmental Studies
Homelessness in California: Using GIS to relate Density of Populations with Services and Resources Provided for the Homeless
81. Tammy Lewin ('07), Environmental Studies
An Index for Social Welfare
82. Emma McLeavey-Weeder ('09) and Lawson Hill ('09), Environmental Studies
Silent Killers: A Community Assessment of Outdoor Air Pollution in Maine
83. Alexander McPherson ('07), Environmental Studies
Green Building in Maine
84. Alexander McPherson ('07), Environmental Studies
Wetland Remediation by Aroostook County Potato Farmers: A GIS Analysis
85. Jamie O'Connell ('08) and Cassandra Jendzejec ('08), Environmental Studies
What's in your Nalgene? Health Effects of PVC and Polycarbonate Plastics
86. Michael Piacentini ('07) and James Cryan ('07), Environmental Studies
From Sewage to Syringes: The Health Impacts of Waste Management in Central Maine
87. Megan Saunders ('09) and Aaron Olcerst ('07), Environmental Studies
Human Health Effects of Household Furnishings and Electronics
88. Sarah Stevens ('09), Environmental Studies
Conceptions of Wilderness Through GIS
89. Ryan Weaver ('07) and Casey Lyons ('07), Environmental Studies
Don't Take My Breath Away: The Human Health Impacts of Radon in Maine
90. Kerry Whittaker ('08), Environmental Studies
Music as Place: What Happens When we Combine GIS and Music Symbology?
91. Kali Abel ('07), Geology
Drought in Central Maine: Evidence of a Paleoclimatic Event from Tree Ring Analysis
92. Brent Aigler ('08), Geology
A Hydrological and Sedimentological Study of the Pointe at Jamestown Detention Pond, James City County, Virginia
93. Bradford Cantor ('08), C. Clark ('08), Elizabeth Littlefield ('07) and Newton Krumdieck ('07), Geology
Late Holocene vs. Modern Environments of Central Maine: Comparison of Pollen, Plant Macrofossils, and Coleopteran Assemblages with the Historical Record
94. C. Clark ('08), Geology
Close-Interval Pollen Analysis as a Proxy for Determining European Impact on Hamilton Pond Bog in Kennebec County Maine.
95. Jamie Kline ('07), Geology
Marine Ostracodes from the Latest Pleistocene of Central Maine: Evidence for Paleosalinity and Paleobathymetry in the Waning Phases of Marine Emergence
96. Newton Krumdieck ('07), Geology
The Origins of the Norridgewock Sand Plain, Somerset County, Maine
97. Elizabeth Littlefield ('07), Geology
Foraminifera from the Presumpscot Formation: Evidence for Paleosalinity and Paleobathymetry in the Waning Phases of Marine Emergence of Central Maine
98. Janet Weidner ('07), Geology
Rock Detective's Introduction to Whale Ear Bone Fossils for Grades K-12
99. Sarah Langley ('07), Physics and Astronomy
A Quantitative Trait Analysis of the LxS RI Panel

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