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 2009 Program

Research Symposium

Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium

Wednesday, April 29
Research Posters - 6:30 PM
Keynote Presentation - 7:30 PM

Professor Veronique Plesch, Art Professor Philip Nyhus, Environmental Studies Professor Julie Millard, Chemistry

The keynote speakers will be Professors Julie Millard (Chemistry), Philip Nyhus (Environmental Studies) and Veronique Plesch (Art) who will share their insights and experiences as teacher-scholars working closely with students in their research. The address, on Wednesday, April 29, will begin at 7:30 pm in Ostrove Auditorium, preceded by a reception and poster presentations by selected faculty, invited by the Dean of the Faculty, and their students at 6:30 pm in the atrium of the Diamond Building.

Colby College has long recognized the importance of the integration of teaching and research on the part of faculty, and in recent years has more fully integrated research into student learning as well. This emphasis has enhanced significantly the critical thinking, collaborative, and discovery-based learning skills of our students. The symposium organizers want to recognize and thank the many faculty across the campus who have engaged students in research and supported the Colby Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Colby is strongly committed to the principle that making connections to real research problems is invaluable to experiencing in depth the discipline in which students are working. We hope to use our success in education through research as a foundation on which to build even more and enhanced research opportunities for students across the curriculum and to infuse research-based learning even more deeply into the core of a Colby education during the second decade of the symposium.